In just minutes, I've whipped up enough baking mix for easy breakfasts all week long. Add wet ingredients and go. Love this! Easy Homemade Baking Mix (aka Bisquick)

There’s a reason that Bisquick has been one of America’s favorite convenience products since 1930. It allows us to not only whip up fresh biscuits in minutes, but pizza crust, coffee cakes, pancakes, waffles and my fall favorite –  Homemade Dumplings

Nearly all baking recipes begin with these main ingredients, so it’s fun to brainstorm all the uses for this easy quick mix. I love to bake. Well, I love what comes after the treats are out of the oven. I don’t always live for the actual mixing of ingredients, so any little help to jump start the process is wonderful, especially on busy mornings.

That’s why this homemade bisquick mix without shortening is such a time saver. It gives me the time saving benefits of a quick mix without any additives, plus a reader tested it for me substituting coconut oil in place of the butter and she loved it too.

Homemade Bisquick. Quick and Easy Baking Mix with all natural ingredients.

Any type of quick bread recipes are ones I love to whip up, as well as teach our kids. They are wonderful staple recipes to understand in the kitchen and part of the Top Five Recipes I want our kids to memorize before they leave the nest. 

This homemade baking mix just makes the quick breads even quicker. While the recipe I’m sharing uses both white all purpose and wheat flour, you can adjust the proportions to suit your taste.

Create a wonderful baking basket with homemade baking mix. such a fun gift

(Edited to add:) I’m so excited to share my creations of the last two months. I’ve created 12 Homemade Quick Bread recipes from this one homemade baking mix recipe.

What makes this even more special is that I’m sharing free gift tags, labels and a recipe card so that you can easily give this as a unique and ever appreciated homemade gift. Head over to the Homemade quick bread page to print everything for free.

12 quick bread recipes from 1 homemade baking mix

Stored tightly covered, this homemade Bisquick, baking mix will stay fresh for two months in the fridge or up to four months in the freezer.

Easy Homemade Bisquick - so many great recipe ideas

It’s important that you use a freezer proof container or bag to ensure freshness.

Homemade Pumpkin Coffee Cake - prep the dry ingredients in bulk for a quick and easy treat any time of day.

During one of my more impressive organizational moments in the kitchen (remember, I am a Type Z personality so organization is not always my forte), I decided to take this homemade baking mix a step further and prep all the dry ingredients for our favorite baked goods.

I had some smaller OXO freezer proof, air tight containers which holds the perfect amount for my easy and healthy, Pumpkin Coffee Cake.  (If you are going to do this, make sure you have air tight containers or get the air out of freezer proof ones.) Now, when I want to make a baked treat, but only have a few minutes, I can dump the dry ingredients that are already measured and just add the few wet ingredients. I LOVE THIS!!

It’s so easy to gather 4-5 containers and just measure enough for four cakes or muffins all at once. It’s the convenience of a boxed mixes for pennies on the dollar plus, my choice of healthy ingredients. You get all the measuring and flour mess out of the way at one time. It’s such an easy, simple thing, but makes a HUGE difference.

Just a few great options for this homemade Bisquick? 

Give my Low Fat Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins a try. It’s incredibly low in fat.

Triple Berry Quick Bread

Healthy Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Homemade Dumplings (from scratch or using Bisquick) – this elevates your favorite soups and adds a comfort food touch in minutes.

Quick Quiche Recipe: another great 10 Minute Dinner or brunch.

Simple Sausage Balls (perfect for any parties)

12 Homemade Quick Bread Recipes

Enjoy! I love these homemade mixes. It just makes life easier.

Loving making up this homemade Bisquick mix in bulk. Simple, not breakfasts are a breeze all week long.