In high school, I can remember the bumper sticker that became popular, “Real Men Eat Quiche.” Well, it’s a good thing I am raising some real men, or they might go awfully hungry.

I enjoy cooking up a quick and easy quiche recipe because not only are they delicious, but the recipes are a wonderful way to increase proteins and veggies (if you choose to add vegetables), while making wonderful use of items that are already in the fridge (i.e my Pantry Challenge.)

This easy quiche recipe whips up in minutes, meeting my prerequisite for a Ten Minute Dinner standard, and yes, I make quiche for dinner. So many variations can be adapted from this quick and easy quiche recipe that you would be making a mistake if you only thought it works well for breakfast or brunch. I have given you a basic recipe, but this is another recipe where creativity is key. Add ingredients that you love. In the above photo, I even had some left over diced potatoes. I added them in and it was delicious.  It’s impossible to mess up quiche. 🙂