12 homemade Sweet Breads from 1 Baking Mix

A few months ago I finally shared my Homemade Baking Mix Recipe, aka Homemade Bisquick that doesn’t use any shortening. It’s been fun to hear from how so many of you have used my mix to make your baking needs ever so simple.

From pancakes and biscuits to coffee cakes and sweet breads, making this mix in bulk and having it available on a moment’s notice is a lifesaver.

Simple Homemade Biscuits using baking mix

Our college guys come home tomorrow (YAY!!!) and I know they’ve gotten spoiled with all you can eat buffets, so I have to up my game a bit to do some mom spoiling. This will surely come in handy.

Banana Nut Bread using homemade baking mix

I’ve taken a few months to create and taste test over 15 different recipes using my Homemade Bisquick. Since it’s holiday time and we’re all crunched for unique, yet money saving gift ideas, I hope what I am about to share will revolutionize some of your gifts.

Create a wonderful baking basket with homemade baking mix. such a fun gift

Why don’t you give some of my Homemade Baking Mix or better yet, create a Baking Basket filled with Homemade Baking Mix, your choice of sweet bread and then the recipe printable for your recipient to make their most favorite flavors? 

I’ve created full printables with labels  for every kind of sweet bread you can imagine, blank labels to fill in,  gift tags and a double sided printable which shares 12 Homemade Quick Breads that you can easily make from this one Homemade Baking Mix Recipe.

12 quick bread recipes from 1 homemade baking mix

If you don’t have time to bake lots of bread, you can always mix up the Baking Mix in bulk and give large Mason Jars filled with the mix and then attach my cute labels with ribbon. It will be a gift that everyone can use and WILL USE during this most busy of times.

love using thrifted Pyrex and dishes to give gifts

If you decide to go the Baking Basket route, you can pop in the dollar store and find some bread pans or glassware that would be beautiful to use as your “gift bag.” It’s so easy to dress it up for just a few dollars.

Since I love to scour stores for unique glassware, I enjoy sharing treats in unique bowls, baskets or trays that my friends can keep and it’s vintage Pyrex for the win on this one!!

12 Homemade Sweet Breads from 1 Baking Mix - amazing gift with free printables too

Head on over to print off my easy to use Quick Bread chart which lists these Sweet Breads: Yogurt, Lemon, Granola, Pumpkin, Banana, Chocolate Chip, Carrot, Apple, Berry, Sweet Potato, Pineapple and Raisin bread recipes. This is a two page file so make sure you print them back to back (on card stock is best if giving as a gift.)

Homemade Bisquick (Baking Mix) HERE:

PRINT RECIPES HERE12 Sweet Bread Recipes from 1 Homemade Baking Mix

PRINT GIFT TAGS AND LABELS HEREGift Tags, Sweet Bread and Mason Jar Labels

Amazing homemade baking mix - 12 sweet bread recipes from one mix

This is a small mason jar, but the labels fit perfectly on quart size jars as well. The labels have also been sized to fit on the lids of the jar as well if you want to go a step further and decorate the mason jars. (Check out what I did with a little twine. These were SO fun!!)

You decide. 🙂

I hope you enjoy these 12 Quick Bread Recipes from my Homemade Baking Mix and that it will be a special gift to you in helping ease the burden of both your mornings and your gift giving.

Blessings from my kitchen to yours. 🙂
Perfect gift idea - baking basket