Fresh out of college, I dove right into my role as Director of Music and Youth at our local church.  My days were spent working on music and my evenings kept me incredibly young as I shared life together with junior and senior high students.

Those early years hold so many precious memories, and the teens in that youth group walked with me through so many instrumental moments in my life. I came on staff as a single woman, met my husband, got married and had our first two children, all as their youth pastor.

When my husband and I decided to make a family move from Wisconsin to NC, I stepped down. So many sentimental gifts were given in our send off, but one of the best gifts that has resurfaced holds their hand written recipes.

No matter what, time spent together meant good munchies.

Stuffed down deep in the recess of a long forgotten shelf, I stumbled upon it and my heart leaped.

Recipes: For Youth Group Survival

I remember them mentioning that they wanted to make sure my next youth group was well taken care of with the best desserts that teens loved (and some salty sensations as well.)

With five children, four of them teens right now (three boys and two girls), I am working my way through all of these recipes. Some I’ve been making for years like our famous Banana Bar with Cream Cheese frosting recipe(everyone loves them and it feeds a troup), No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls, Rice Krispie Treats and even the best ever Chocolate Chip Cookies, but many I had forgotten. My guys devour the $250 Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe and now that I have some health conscious kids in the family, I am quick to whip up my No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Bars.

It’s such fun to reconnect with them. And yes, special recipes are truly like reconnecting with relationships. It brings me right back to that time.

I can guarantee when I received this, I never thought I’d have my own “teen youth group” each and every day. (It was MUCH easier sharing my opinion on teens when they were someone else’s kids.) 🙂

What I would just love is to gather all of our favorite easy to make treats and snacks. Obviously, I am calling this theme, Treats Teens Love, but these are really sweets and salty treats for all ages.

Do you have a favorite recipe that you’d enjoy sharing with my readers?

I’d love for you to send me a guest post ( and note Recipe in the header).

You don’t have to be a blogger. You may be a home cook with the love of sharing great recipes. I want you. 🙂 I just need a half way decent picture, the treat (salty or sweet) recipe and any fun story that might be tied with it.

It would be my honor to feature it.

We will build up the ultimate go-to survival spot for feeding teens and kids and create the ultimate tribute to the teens in my youth group (who are getting married now and having kids. HELP!)

What are you making this week for Tasty Tuesday? I bet you have some great treats to share.