Seriously? This is one of the best gift giving ideas ever!! Love some frozen cookie dough!

As our last week before Christmas rounds the bend, those last minute “What should I give”  brings about undo panic.
I have your solution, and you’ve probably known the trick your whole life, but this takes it to a new level.
I admit. I am a chocolate chip cookie dough lover.
Now, please do not send me emails cautioning me about salmonella. I have weighed my options and counted the cost. I still eat the batter. (At least many of the eggs are from my own chickens…that helps, right?)
But what is better than chocolate chip cookie dough? Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I freeze Cookie Dough?” Well, thanks for asking because “Yes, you can,” and it’s delicious.
Looking at my holiday calendar, I can’t squeeze in baking a dozen different varieties of Christmas cookies, but guess what? I will pass on all of those for a great Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Seriously? This is one of the best gift giving ideas ever!! Love some frozen cookie dough!

This fall, my husband bought a tub full of frozen cookie dough that he had purchased from an employees child. After I gasped, choked and heard the price, I accepted that it was for a good cause.  I have been freezing all varieties of cookies and dough for a long time, but the kids and I SO enjoyed having it in that cute tub. Reality hit and I knew this would be the perfect gift for someone.
I would much rather have frozen cookie dough to pop in the oven at will, rather than a plate of Christmas cookies that may go stale before we devour them.
Use your favorite Cookie Recipe or try my Best Ever Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe with my own twists.

The key to this kitchen tip is making sure you flash freeze the individual cookies first or they will stick together.

Use a cookie sheet or pan. I use my mini muffin pan because I have a side by side freezer and a regular cookie sheet won’t fit straight on so I can tilt pan in my freezer. Typically, this will only take about 15 minutes, but you can keep them in there how ever long you choose. Take them out, and put them in a labeled Ziplock bag, or Tupperware. If giving as a gift, add some tin foil or wax paper in between the layers, so the cookies don’t stick together. When ready to bake, thaw in fridge before hand, but honestly, I often take them straight from the freezer and bake with delicious results. Frozen cookie dough will stay fresh for 4-6 weeks (although I can’t say we’ve ever had it last that long.)
If giving as a gift,  they will be fine out of the freezer for a few hours while you deliver them.
I am so excited to give this yummy chocolate chip cookie dough gifts this year. It’s frugal, practical and something that everyone will enjoy.

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I can’t wait to hear what you are all cooking up this week. I know there will be amazing Christmas cooking inspiration.