Our family tends to have an overabundance of ripe bananas at all time, so there’s never a week that goes by when easy banana recipes aren’t being baked, discovered, rediscovered or shared.

This yummy banana bar recipe is one I’ve had for decades, and is a fool proof way to use up those ripe bananas. It’s definitely more of a cake, than bread. Enjoy the addition of my delicious Cinnabon like cream cheese frosting and they are melt in your mouth good. I love recipes that are so easy the kids can make them, but friends would never believe it when you shared that little detail.

Since I was serving this for breakfast, I omitted the frosting when these pictures were taken, but I typically always make them in a jelly roll pan and then frost.

(P.S. No, these are not fat free, nor sugar free, but freely divine. Our youngest daughter declares I am the best baker ever when I make this. 🙂 If you desire a healthier version, the sugar can be reduced and some of the butter subbed with apple sauce.)