For twenty years, I’ve been making dinner for our children, and while I think I’ve “finally” gotten the hang of it, the majority of these meals have pretty much stayed within the realm of comfort foods.

I stray outside that box every once in awhile, but not nearly enough, until the last few years.  Since I’m working my way through a period of Whole Foods, with no processed sugar, carbs and limited dairy, I’m trying to get creative with my protein options and flavors.

When I first made these Peanut Butter Noodles for our family a few years ago, I tried a unique twist on them by adding a bit of grape jelly. It was a meal that topped the budget at around $5, and I had all the ingredients on hand.

So taking that  peanut butter twist, this Thai Mushroom Chicken Stir Fry also became part of the meal plan. Loaded with lots of proteins and vegetables, it is a great choice for my No Carb meals. I serve it over rice or noodles for the kids, but omit that for myself.

Now I am going to admit that I have never been a huge mushroom fan, and it makes me mad at myself that I don’t cook with them more often, since I know I am creating that same distaste for our kids. 4 out of 5 children enjoyed this, but it’s also an option to omit the Mushrooms and swap it out with peppers if you are still trying to get lots of veggies onto the plate.

Since I am trying to eliminate additional sugars for a time being, my homemade teriyaki sauce is incredibly easy to mix up. It’s an inexpensive, healthy option with amazing flavor.

While you may see many steps to this recipe, the only time consuming factor is all the chopping and mincing of the veggies. Get those kids to help and it goes super fast.

I encourage you to double the meat and veggie mixture for a great C.O.S.T Cooking option. Wrap up your own lettuce wraps for the Take 2 meal.

Enjoy this subtle introduction to Thai flavors.

Are you adventurous with your flavor palette or do you tend to cook some of the same meals like I do?

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