Bring the Restaurant Quality home with this unbelievably simple and AMAZING Sesame Chicken.

This is a quick and easy version of Simple Sesame Chicken without all the extra calories from deep frying. While it will not end up tasting exactly the same as the Chinese restaurant, since the chicken isn’t deep fried, it’s so yummy and leaves our family always wishing I had made much more (even when I double the recipe, which I do.)
Always tentative about posting certain favorite recipes, since I typically don’t measure specific quantities, I’m sharing this because it’s a family favorite. You all insisted in the comments of my “Following Recipes – To Read or Not to Read” post, that you’d rather have a guesstimate than nothing at all. With any mixture of these ingredients, you can not go wrong.
Remember, you are the next Food Network Star at home. They never measure anything either – that’s how we all become better cooks. πŸ˜‰
Therefore,Β  play around with the quantities once you’ve made it, since these are approximates, and every ones tastes vary. We love extra sauce for left over rice, and I literally eye ball the amounts, so this is a very basic starting place. After you make the sauce for the first time, you will be able to taste test and determine if you like it spicier, sweeter, thicker etc. I have the basic spices down,Β  but each time I make it just a tiny bit different.
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Easy breading – you can mix the flour and chicken in a ziplock bag or just a bowl for ease.
Deglaze the pan so you don’t miss any of the deliciousness left over from cooking the chicken, and then mix the sauce for the chicken.
I’ve added a lot of steps for clarity, but this is really a simple dish to perfect.
Enjoy this Simple Sesame Chicken from my home to yours.