Delicious Low Fat, Orange Chicken recipe. As good as the Restaurant!

Over the last year, I’ve slowly been increasing our repertoire of deliciously, simple recipes, which are easy enough that my kids can make. It’s completely a bonus when I’ve tweaked the recipe to where they are low fat as well.

Just like my Simple Sesame Chicken recipe, this “Chinese” Orange Chicken recipe delivers all the taste of the recipe we love without all the fat from deep frying.  Two years ago, at my band rehearsal, my friend brought me a little Tupperware full of this Orange Chicken. I devoured it and insisted on the recipe. She proceeded to tell me, garlic, ginger, red chili sauce, soy sauce and orange marmalade with NO amounts listed. I panicked. How can she except me to guess, yet those are the types of challenges that have made me a better cook over the years.

I am listing amounts, but remember that once you’ve made it once, tweak it  to your family’s palette. Enjoy this Low Fat take on Orange Chicken. Since I grill and bake chicken strips in bulk, and then have Ziplock bags ready to go in my freezer, this meal whips up quickly, meeting my requirements for a great Ten Minute Dinner.

bread chicken Simple Sesame Chicken at Home

My very simple breading technique is to just use flour. Mix the flour and chicken in a ziplock bag or just a bowl for ease. I guarantee, you will want to make additional chicken in this manner for lots of easy chicken recipes.
De-glazing the pan is just the fancy cooking term that means remove all those extra yummy, caramelized pieces that were left behind when you cooked up your garlic and chicken and make sure they get added to your sauce.

deglaze the pan Simple Sesame Chicken at HomeYes, it starts out liquid-y, but will thicken into sheer deliciousness.

I double and triple this recipe and my family will still continue to eat as long as I’ve made it. I try and put some away before they see the extra amounts, so that I have another meal out of it. It freezes very well, but typically, we just heat it up the next day.

The kids still pick my Sesame Chicken Recipe (which is the same technique) as their first choice, but since they love a change like I do, this is another great low fat option. I’ve included multiple steps, but once you’ve made it a few times, it will be one of those recipes that you have memorized and go to on any busy evening.


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