I’ve just spent that last hour reliving some of my special moments of 2012. (I left out all my favorite recipes and food tips, since that will be for tomorrow. 🙂 ) This has held a range of emotions for me as I struggle through blogging/work and real life, and it’s been quite introspective as well as I re-read all my posts from my Peru trip and just how that impacted me.

 It also gave me time to reevaluate where I desire Balancing Beauty and Bedlam to head this next year, and see the categories that I’ve let slide a bit.  I realized that I’ve let my Frugal Fashionista posts go by the way side and will pick those back up for 2013. I’m not sure why I did,  since I have way too many pictures on my camera of outfits, but I’ve been feeling a little bit more insecure in putting pictures of myself “showing off” my outfits, so I need to get over that, don’t I?

I’ll also share a bit more of my “Mommy Moments,” both as I think back on my early mothering days, as well as the struggles and celebrations I deal with raising four teenagers (and one precious 9 year old.)

Daily, I talk, share and pray through mothering topics, but I typically keep that for my in real life friends and don’t write about it on the blog. That will change.

Anyhow, I only picked a few from the first half of the year, but thought this was a wide variety of posts that represent a whole range of how I live life as I try to balance both beauty and bedlam each and every day. 🙂

30 days 30 ways hair 30 Days   30 Ways Hair Challenge

In February, I did a 30 Days, 30 ways Challenge, where I attempted to get out of my pony tail rut, but since I am a definitely back in it, I plan on adding the last few days in 2013.  Just yesterday, our youngest daughter said, “Mom, won’t you please where your hair down. It’s so pretty like that?” Oops…

Baking Soda Uses 50 Fabulous Uses for Baking Soda

50 Fabulous Uses for Baking Soda.

Put this frugal wonder product to more use than you ever dreamed by finally answering your question of what is Baking Soda used for. I love this post, and really do live by it.

Magic Jelly Beans Magic Jelly Beans & the Lollipop Garden (Easter Tradition)

Encouraging your children to make wise choices, especially when they know that those  Joy filled jelly beans  (Magic Jelly Beans) may grow into lollipops, sets a whole new precious tradition for your family. This is one of our family favorites.

Lollipop Garden Cake1 Magic Jelly Beans to Lollipops Garden Cake (Easter Tradition, but perfect for any party)

Or create a special twist with those Magic Jelly Beans by growing their very own Lollipop Garden Cake.

Magic Jelly Beans to Lollipops Garden Tradition (perfect for any time of the year)

Before After Furniture painting transformation1 Amazing Color Pop Hutch Transformation

My Before/After DIY Color Pop Hutch Transformation. I will be really ramping up the DIY projects this year, and can’t wait to inspire each other together.

This will be a huge focus for me this new year.

three sis Our Family Wedding: Frugal Fashionista Style

Our Family Wedding: Frugal FAshionista style.

When my life is lived on an 80% lifestyle, frugal fashion always comes into play.

 Dear Me: a Letter to My Teenage Self

Dear Me:  a Letter to my Teenage Self.

I shared some thoughts to my 16 year old self and will be sharing a lot more heart stories this coming year. While 2012 was primarily focused on practical tips, ideas and projects, those will continue, but I will be mixing it up a bit more for 2013.

All You magazine Super Savers How a Magazine Outted My Age & What I am Doing About It

It was a privilege to be named in All You as one of their Saving Stars and yes, chuckled when they outted my age. 😉

How a magazine outted my age and what I am doing about it.

Mason Jar collage Mason Jar Love! 50 Fabulous Ideas To Inspire

 Continuing later in the year with more “50’s,” I wrote a post completely attributed for my Mason Jar Love. Yes, 50 ideas for using Mason Jars, and since I wrote that post, I could probably add in some more.

Tradition ideas and Free Printables – I added many some more free printables that tie in with some of our favorite family traditions, as well as many kitchen organization printables. I will be doing another Eat from the Freezer challenge over the next few months, since our deep freezer is TOO full and I will definitely be needing to keep inventory after that. I will be updating them and slowly adding them to 10 Minute Dinners.

I launched 10 Minute Dinners, which proved to be a site that many need, but then I made a huge blunder and let it go by the way side ever since my trip to Peru. Not a great business model, but I am excited to rejuvenate it, and get the help I need to back it up and thriving for 2013. This is mainly how I live my real dinner life, so why not share it throughout the week?

edison praying Your Whole Life Can Change In a Terrifying Instant

How ones whole life could change in a terrifying instant came from a scare we head with my precious blessings, Edison.

I then followed up with some of the lessons learned from that. Perspective

Headboard turned Welcome Sign DIY: Old Headboard Into New Welcome Sign

Every day this old headboard turned Chalkboard Welcome sign greets me and I smile, knowing that my daughters had a blast turning this trash into a treasure.

3 teen boys and mom1 Theyre Never Too Big: Dont Take No for an Answer

They’re never too big. Don’t take No for an answer.

Loving on those blessings every day, not matter how big or what kind of attitude they give. 😉

Thanks for continuing on this journey with me. Your comments and support mean the world to me. Every time I wonder if it’s worth it to keep putting myself out there on this blog, just the right word comes from one of you all and it confirms that it is, even if it makes a difference in just one person’s life.

It’s been a processing year for me here at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, but I am so excited for all the promise of 2013 and the excitement I feel as it is ready to launch.

May you have a blessed New Years.