This month is going to be fun!

I am officially inviting you to join me for the 30 days – 30 ways Hair Challenge.

A few weeks ago, I casually mentioned at the end of my Frugal Fashionista “Covering the Problem Areas” post that I needed to do a hair challenge. I looked through my pictures, and in nearly every photo, I am wearing a hair style that I spent approximately 30 seconds on, if that, and often, a pony tail. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a pony tail, especially when it’s done in an elegant manner, but unfortunately, a basic pony has been my signature hair style far too often, and it’s time for me to change things up a bit.

I decided to challenge myself to get creative with my hair.

Invest in it a little bit. Care a bit more. Start doing some of the easy, yet cute hair styles that I experimented with years ago when I worked in a hair salon. (Yes, I worked my way through college as a waitress at night, and receptionist by day at a really nice salon, and learned so many fun things.) Somehow, when our first four blessings came in five years, it was all I could do to actually get a shower, let alone spend time on my hair. Now that those blessings are in middle school and high school, (cough, cough) I have no more excuses, right? As I talk with many of my friends about this challenge, they agree they need it too – just some simple, fun ideas to get us out of the rut. So I am going to be talking hair – Hair Style, Hair Fashion, Hair Products, and of course, saving money on hair.

I have received many emails over the years asking me how I do my hair when I pull it back with unique twists, so we’ll do that, since it’s so easy, but we’ll also give  ideas for those with short hair as well. Don’t worry, all hair styles will be for those of us who need help. No cosmetology license needed. 🙂

Now just so you don’t think I am in over my head, for the past two Octobers, I have committed to blogging about a subject for thirty one straight days, so I am sure you’d assume this would be the same. Ah no!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about my quest for balancing beauty and bedlam it’s that I need to set goals that I can actually shoot for and keep, so I won’t post hair things every day or I would never survive the month. I am asking others to join me with guest posts, guest pictures of their fast hair do’s, and hopefully, we’ll even squeeze in some hair product giveaways, as well as a link up.

So, in all honesty, my “30 Days” may stretch out a bit more. 🙂 But that means our fun will just last much longer.

Are you in? Do you need to lose the pony tail? Do you want to challenge yourself to have some fun with your hair?

I invite you to join us on our 30 Days – 30 Ways Hair Challenge beginning in March.

(Feel free to share what might be your biggest hair dilemma. My sweet niece has agreed to help me out with some “expert” advice. Yes, she’s a professional cosmetologist, and is excited for this challenge as well. I just wish she lived by me.

And yes, since you are all wondering, the hair in the blog button picture – mine!! Isn’t it so fun?)