Are you new to my Frugal Fashionista series? Find out how I dress in designer clothes for less. Yes,  for mere pennies on the dollar, my outfits are less than $15, and did I mention…all second hand?)

For many of us, our pursuit towards Frugal Fashionista prowess has given us some purchasing lessons along the way. Often, my wallet comes out if an item is gorgeous or if  their label screams “designer”. My mind goes to what the original purchase price must have been, and I can’t keep from buying it knowing that originally it was $125, but I only paid $3.
Yet, what happens is that my closet has a whole row of items that are “almost” types of pieces.
The sleeves on this shirt almost fit. I can almost make the color work, maybe it just needs a scarf. If I just lose ten more pounds, this dress will be amazing because I can almost close the zipper.
Yes, the “almost” items that I am bound and determined to make work because they were too good of a deal to just pass by.
Can anyone relate?
Now I’m doing a better job of refraining from the “almost” purchases. I know that something else will come along. It may not be the exact article of clothing, but it will be something else that looks great on me, and actually fits at the size I am right now. (See my post, “Designer Clothes and why I said, “No.”)
Sometimes though, an item comes along that “almost” works, yet I can visualize what I need to do to immediately fix it, and I know it will be perfect.
Last fall, I was looking for long, asymmetrical sweaters.
I love long sweaters because they work as “creative concealment” pieces. They cover muffin tops, back end mishaps, and give a long, lean look to an otherwise basic outfit.
While this brown sweater wasn’t asymmetrical, it fit the look I was going for and the price was right at just $1 from a yard sale. The only items that screamed “out dated” to me were the gold, oh so bright and shiny (you can see yourself in the reflection),  buttons. Initially, I was deterred from wearing it, but hen realized it was such a simple fix.

In thirty seconds, the shiny buttons were gone, and I made it work perfectly. I’m left with what is now one of my very favorite sweaters. I am so excited for this fall weather that has just swung through because I am digging it out again and ready to jazz it up with some of my favorite accessories (like this $2 necklace score from a yard sale).
(In full disclosure, these jeans were the ones my son rolled his eyes at declaring “Mom Jeans.”  They look ok from this camera angle, but that is the reason you do not have a full on look. 😉 They have now been given to Good will, so if you see them, don’t be drawn in by the lure of  the Tommy Hilfiger brand. Put the wallet away and be assured you are doing the right thing.)
Do you have any “Almost” Pieces of Clothing?
Do they need to be donated or is there something you can do to make it work?