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My teen age son rolled his eyes at me, and groaned, “Seriously? Those are such “Mom Jeans.”
Ambling over to the mirror, I did a double take. How did I get to this point? With the waist band covering my belly button, and the cut and fit doing nothing to highlight my figure (or lack thereof), I realized I had succumbed to the “I bought it because it was a good deal” disaster, and my son was so right. They were “Mom Jeans,” the very style that I promised I would never wear.
One of the top questions I receive in my Frugal Fashionista series, is “I can never find any good women’s jeans second hand. How do you find them?” The truth is that finding quality, thrifted stylish jeans is a needle in a haystack. When I find a pair, I wear them again and again and again.
When I speak to womens groups and address the issue of fashion, the two items I mention investing in are fun accessories and a great pair of jeans. The rest of the core wardrobe pieces, I can typically find for pennies on the dollar, but a nice fitting pair of jeans can be a wardrobe accessory for years. It can completely change how you feel in an outfit.


I own a pair of dark washed flared jeans and I love them. I can wear them with a T-shirt and scarf for casual wear, or pair it with a great belt and classy shrug to make it all about an evening out on the town. (Not that I get many of those, but when I do, I rock it.) 😉 I wish I could pull of the skinny jeans look because I have a perfect pair of boots that I can tuck them into, but that look is a few too many Work outs away for me.


I love the new trend of all the colored jeans. Express has a variety in red, white, and even gray. That’s why when Express jeans contacted me about doing a Express giveaway I was so excited, but also pondered it. I wanted to be true to my core blog mission points, and decided “Yes, this is a perfect fit.” First, because what is better than free for you, and second, I am all about saving in the areas of your budget that are easy, so then you can spend on those things that matter most to you. And honestly, a great pair of jeans is worth it.
What is your feeling on Jeans? Is there a style that you love or are you still hanging onto those old Mom Jeans. I admit, after the conversation with my son, I donated about five pair that had been in my closet for far too long.
Don’t forget to head over the Express giveaway for a chance to win one of FIFTY pairs of jeans they are giving away! That win is the epitome of Frugal Fashionista style. 🙂

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