Are you new to my Frugal Fashionista series? Find out how I dress in designer clothes for less  for mere pennies on the dollar. Yes, all outfits are less than $15, and did I mention…second hand?)

At some time or another, my fellow Frugal Fashionistas can probably relate to one of my biggest clothing struggles. It surrounds learning to say “no” to great deals.
When the price is right, and the outfit is “kind of” right, I buy it. I mean, why not get it when it’s only $3 – $5, right? Well, often that has been my mantra, but even on my worst math days I understand that $5 plus $5 plus $5+ adds up to groceries for the week.
Do you all remember this amazing red, wool trench coat I purchased? It’s in my Core Wardrobe Pieces – the Trench Coat post? Well, even though I only paid $5 for it, it’s not a great deal if I never wear it, and I haven’t. I never got it altered, so it was a waste of $5.
I’ve been staying out of the Goodwill lately until I de-clutter a bit more, but decided to pop in this past week. I left empty handed (gasp). Here are a few of the great fashion deals that I passed up. Every single item I liked, but for the following reasons I passed on them.

I’ve shared before how important it is to know your best color season. Finding your right colors makes all the difference when choosing new clothes. As much as the above green shirt and off white shawl were stylish and fit well, the colors washed me out. I went back and forth on buying this at first because I really liked the look, but I didn’t love how it made my skin look sallow.

The same was true of this brown Banana Republic shirt. I love their make, the feel, the softness of their cotton, but it just wasn’t working.

In my “Five Must Do’s when browsing a thrift store for clothes,” I encourage looking for unique details on sleeves and this is a great example of that point. I loved the sleeves, but again, this shade of brown was not for me. I debated accessorizing with a scarf in a brighter shade, which would offset that dilemma, and help the color around my face. I also debated what great chunky jewelry and big hoop earrings I could wear. There were a lot of ways to make this shirt pass, but I just didn’t want the effort of forcing it to work.

My “Go To” items for any occasion when I don’t know what to wear are black shirts. I have so many cool black tanks, long sleeves, short sleeves, shawls, wraps…the list goes on, and that is why I passed on these. Even though I don’t have any sheer black shirts like the first picture (can you see it, it’s a black shell under the sheer black shirt and it was SO fun), I used restraint. I knew I just didn’t need either of these, no matter how great they were.

Now, in the name of full disclosure, if any of these had been at a yard sale for only $1, I would have gotten them all. Even though I didn’t need them, I would have just donated others when I got home. 🙂

You know my love for finding the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress). I am still hyperventilating that I passed this one up, but again, I have quite an assortment. I estimate that this classic, straight, Banana Republic dress retailed for a minimum of $100, and at Goodwill, it was only $5.

As I load this picture, this dress is my one regret. For only $5, I should have snagged it. Elegant and simple, this just above the ankle length dress was gorgeous. I should have taken a full picture, but you can see right at the waist, the detail ends and it goes to a straight gray bottom. Typically, I need one fancier dress each year, but I was in the ” I don’t need it” mentality. Hopefully, I don’t regret that decision this summer when I need a dress for weddings, and end up having to pay more at the last minute.

Believe it or not, it was a fun shopping day at Goodwill. I got to enjoy finding designer clothes for less, and I didn’t spend a dime.

Have you had any fun thrifty finds lately?

I am itching for yard sale season to begin again. My Trash to Treasure posts will be racking up very soon. 🙂