It’s no secret from this Frugal Fashionista that I love scarves, but many people are afraid to experiment with them since finding ways to wear scarves creatively can seem intimidating.
In a previous video, I shared a variety of really simple ways to tie a scarf, and today, I’m taking you one step further. This is one of my favorite styles. You know the kind that when you see people wearing it, it seems so elegantly complicated, but the reality of how to tie this scarf is so simple.
Wanting to keep the video short and sweet, I stopped it when everything in me wanted to show you the other styles, but I will return with additional ways to tie scarves. On the video I said, “tomorrow.” Oops, that will probably not happen. I also said “fun” more times that any one person should say it in two minutes, but that probably goes along with the theme for the day. Can you see that I was in the middle of getting my Christmas things down when I decided to do this video? Yes, my mind jumps around like that. 🙂
Now go experiment and have fun wearing your scarf today. It’s cold outside, so bundle up and be fashionable at the same time. If you’re reading this by email, watch the scarf tying video here.
(And yes, I’m working on getting a new video camera. Bare with the amateur photography, but my 11 year old does do a fabulous job regardless of the video. :))