smiley face pancakes One Minute Smiley Face PancakesOne Minute Smiley Face Pancakes

With Father’s Day sneaking up on us this Sunday, our goal is make Dad “King for the Day.

Our family tradition for all personal celebrations begins with breakfast in bed, and that never has to be a daunting task. You can splurge and indulge with my favorite Copy Cat Cinnabon recipe or do something really simple. With my One Minute Smiley Face Pancakes, and our “You are Special” plate, everything after this is a party.

bfast in bed opt Breakfast in Bed – Not Just for Special Occasions

For dinner, it’s so fun to think outside of the typical, “Let’s Grill” routine.

I don’t know about you, but typically, I always make the men in my life do the grilling. Maybe proving to them that Girls Grill too would be the perfect Father’s Day food idea?

fathers day food Fathers Day Food Ideas

Or how about having the kids make his their own  special Papa Pizza. (Detailed instructions – follow the link).

You can prepare your own homemade pizza crust or just use store bought.

I think we’d all agree though it’s just about spending quality time together,  and food is just a really wonderful icing on the cake. Food ties into strong memories, and if you’d love to see Dad’s face light up with delight, take a few minutes this week and make this memorable Father’s Day cake. It’s not about the recipe, but the sentiment behind affirming how wonderful Dad is in our lives.

(And notice the beautiful presentation on the cake plate – remember anyone can Entertain beautifully with Thrifted Treasures? Yes, another reason why I LOVE cake stands so much.)

A few days before Father’s Day, gather pictures of Dad at all ages.

Have your children or guests write words of affirmation, things they are thankful for about Dad or even a favorite bible verse on the backs of the pictures. Take turn reading these out loud, and honoring dad over dessert. (More specific directions here.) This is a simple, yet meaningful tradition idea that shows Dad just how much you love him, while speaking words of encouragement.

I’d love to hear some of the Favorite ways you celebrate Dad.

How do you plan your Father’s Day foods? Do you go out to eat, grill, or do a cozy dinner at home?

Let’s encourage each other with some neat ideas. I always love hearing what everyone does for their holidays.

Can’t wait to see what you are cooking up for Tasty Tuesday. Remember to link to your direct recipe post, link back here, and go share some love with other bloggers.