You know how I believe that the little things are the big things? Well, this one little addition to your morning pancakes is sure to make everyone in your house smile.
The next time you make pancakes, turn them into smiley face pancakes. Now, this occasion was our traditional birthday breakfast in bed, but don’t wait for a special occasion, every day is special with your blessings. And yes, I need that reminder.

Some people spend money on specialty smiley face pancake griddles, but you don’t have to be fancy. This is as simple as taking a small ice cream scoop and adding two scoops for each eye and a tiny one for the nose. (We used ice cream, but whip cream and yogurt would work well too.) Dot with chocolate syrup and you have brought instant smiles because you are celebrating…”Just Because.” I’ve used homemade feather pancakes, buttermilk pancakes, and even store bought (shh, I used my De Wafelbakker’s), which then takes just one minute.
These don’t have to just be pancakes for the kids, big kids would love them as well.