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Breakfast in bed for birthdays are an annual tradition.
The “You Are Special” plate or any number of our personalized plates are dusted off. Candles are lit and typically waffles topped with ice cream, whipped cream and lots of other goodies adorn them. Since I love painted trays, my biggest dilemma with breakfast in bed is deciding which serving tray to use.  I found this old fashioned wooden one below for just $2 at a yard sale. I am thinking of painting it turquoise, since I have so much left over from painting my laminate island.
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Yet, here’s my take on breakfast in bed. Why do we save it for only really special occasions? Are time, money or schedules factors which put it in the “only for special occasions box?” One of the things I have learned in my balance of beauty and bedlam that I reiterate over and over again is that it’s “The little things that are the big things.”
Setting a beautiful table, or eating by candlelight for instant ambiance are things that we reserve for company, but why?
I realized that it took me literally one extra minute to pull out the tray to serve breakfast.
Don’t put pressure on yourself that is has to be a gourmet breakfast. This is about taking intentional time to say, “I Love You” …just because.
We had one lone, left over Krispy Kreme that in some miraculous feat our boys did not eat.  I threw a few strawberries on top, along with the typical scrambled eggs and one lone cookies (which she did NOT eat…)
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Substituting my coffee (pic below), I added in what she has been asking “pretty please”  for all month long because “every one has them.” In less than five minutes, a memorable moment was shared…in bed.
(Total Tangent: Does anyone else wish that you were the ones to “invent” this new craze of silly bands/animal bands? Aren’t we supposed to be able to buy 100 rubber bands for $1? I mean…seriously.)
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Did you have a rough day with a child? Maybe the best way to encourage and build up that relationship is by serving their favorite cereal to them in bed? It will become a shared magical memory that will last forever.
So don’t let procrastination become your middle name by waiting for just the right time.  Honestly, when I do that, it’s never the right time.
Show someone how much you care by serving breakfast in bed this week. The reason…just because. Cherishing your special one  takes just minutes of your time and will speak in ways that will not be remembered with just words.
So what about you? Is breakfast in bed something that has been (or will become) a tradition in your home?
Are you up for the challenge of picking a day this month to go above and beyond by choosing to be intentional in the little things? Let me know what you decide to do. I’d love to hear about it, and if you decide to go the breakfast in bed route, I know you’ll find great ideas at Tasty Tuesday.

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