For years, I dreamed of having an open kitchen with white cabinets. Envisioning it filled with family and friends was the goal. I knew that laminate cabinets were our option because the alternative was not in our budget, nor was it even important to me.
Well, for nearly thirteen years, I have been more than content with those cabinets, but lately I have been getting the itch to change things up while working on a minimal budget. My answer? Begin the process by painting my laminate cabinet island. The difference that $10 can make is amazing.
(In my vlog, I shared that it was too bright, but after living with it for a few days, the color just makes me happy and I love it.)
For five days this past week, I was without a camera. (That is blogging suicide, especially when I decided to do a ton of “before/after” things.) So as soon as I take more pictures, I will do a detailed “how to” of painting laminate cabinets.
Not wanting you to miss out on my project, my ten year old graciously videoed my thoughts on my “new” kitchen, and other touches I am working on. This is just my first baby step and I can’t wait to bring you along for my changes…little bit by little bit.
My infamous video editor (teen son) was at the beach, so…it’s a bit long, but hopefully, it will get some of your creative juices going along the way.