In a culture that screams “Yes” to everyone and everything that the world has to offer, I can be that mean mom who says “No” quite often.

“No” to ideology that says truth is relative.
“No” to many movies, music and moments that turn the brain to mush.
“No” to the laziness and disrespect that teens exhibit way too often.
“No” to…well, I guess you get the picture.

The hard reality is that I want to be a “Yes Mom. ” I want to say “yes” to everything that they desire. I want them to shower me with instant praise and gratitude for always saying “yes.”

I don’t want to be the only mom who doesn’t let them…
But, guess what?

The Lord has graciously given these blessings to us for a minuscule period, and I know that “instant yes” is not always in their best interest.

So I choose to be a “Yes Mom” in the little things.

The moments that will impact them for eternity. Moments that shape who they are.

I say “yes” to the little things that take their breath away, and then even moments that will be solidified in their mind as plain, silly, wholesome fun.

My desire is that they will always remember me as a “Yes Mom.” A mom who cares enough to say “No” in the hard moments, but relish my “Yes” in the magical ones.

So instead of saying, “No, don’t try on those crazy wigs, you’ll get lice,”

I just said “YES.”

Decades from now, I pray that my daughters and nieces will always remember this “Yes Moment.”  (And my hair is just fine. ;))

I want to be a YES MOM, don’t you?

What easy “Yes” can you step into today even if you’re tired and don’t want to?

Have you had a “Yes Moment” lately?