Oh, I love the season of spring.

It symbolizes new growth, inspiration and hope of things to come.  Yes, with spring in the air, it means that Easter is almost here.  A time to celebrate God’s goodness, but also a time to make meaningful memories through this holiday season.

For our family, my motto has always been it’s the “little things that are the big things,” and for us, those often comes through traditions.

I have a plethora of  traditions ideas for Easter, so find additional inspiration from my traditions category, but here are just a few of our favorite Easter Traditions for Kids. Perfect family bonding moments occur through just a few moments of intentionality.

Lollipop Garden

Joy Filled (or Magic) Jelly Beans to Lollipop Garden

garden 500x375 Magic Jelly Beans & the Lollipop Garden (Easter Tradition)

Create pure wonder and delight as your children or guests watch these Joy Filled (or Magic)  Jelly Beans grow into their own special Lollipop Garden overnight. 

It’s amazing what happens when we plant seeds of loving kindness? For the detailed tradition idea of the Magic Jelly Beans go here.

Lollipop Garden(My babies are all grown up now)

For a character building tradition twist to the jelly bean garden, read about The Joy Filled Jelly Beans to Lollipop Garden Cake. They are both so fun.

The night before Easter, plant the joy filled jelly beans on top of the Garden Cake. These are jelly beans that the children have been receiving all week, each time they chose to show acts of service or kindness to others.

Once the children are asleep, replace the jelly beans with lollipops and enjoy the children’s reactions at just what can happen when we sow seeds of kindness in other people’s lives – it flourishes.

Lollipop Garden Cake

Resurrection Rolls Recipe

Easter Resurrection Rolls Resurrection Rolls – Making Easter Recipes Meaningful

As Easter approaches, kitchens far and near will bustle with the sights, smells and tastes that tantalize our senses. Even now, I can close my eyes and anticipate the tradition Easter brunch that graces our kitchen as we host the annual Easter Egg-stravaganza. For years, family members have brought the same dishes that tempt our palettes. There’s something so special about the way family recipes create lasting memories.

That’s why I enjoy making these  Resurrection Rolls every year.

We enjoy the simple, yet profound truth of Jesus’ burial and resurrection that can be shared through this memorable hands on cooking experience. Yes, especially for children, the spiritual lesson that comes from this sweet, yummy treat will be a significant memory making moment.

If you give Easter baskets, make the fun stretch a bit and enjoy this Easter morning idea of Follow the Ribbon. It’s one my girls STILL ask if I’m doing again.

Rice Krispie Easter Basket – nothing sentimental, just a fun Easter treat.

Easter Basket treat Rice Krispie Easter Basket: the Best in Easter Basket Treats

Add a little family competition with this Easter Game for Kids: The Egg Knocking Contest and bring some corny laughter to your day with these Funny Easter Jokes.


Easter Game for Kids

easter egg picture Last Minute Easter Ideas Food, Decor, Games, Traditions


Easter Bunny Sweet Trail and Bunny Tracks

easter bunny tracks

My thoughts on mixing Easter with the Easter Bunny when it’s really all about Jesus.


I hope those sparked some creative juices, and I can’t wait to update a few others over the next few days.