Easter Morning Idea: Follow the Ribbon Tradition

It’s so simple to make magical memories with your children and I had such fun reminiscing, as I just loaded last year’s pictures.

Why don’t you take just a few minutes to add a new spark to your child’s Easter morning basket hunt.

All you need to do is buy some inexpensive ribbon from a local craft store or use the mounds of yarn that are located in the back left hand corner of your attic in the blue Rubbermaid basket :).

Choose a different color for each member of the family 15 to 25 yards per person, (depending on how crazy you want this to be.)  As you can tell from my pic, use what you have and have fun.

Once the kids are in bed, tie a ribbon to each of their hidden baskets and wind them in and out of the furniture and the other ribbons until you can’t see where they began. Last year, it took them about fifteen minutes to find their basket as I wove it up and down the two stories of our home.

Personalize this tradition by attaching a charm to the end of each ribbon; a soccer ball for Kevin, ballet slippers for Suzie and a picture frame of the kids for Grandma. Bring the ends with the charms to one central location (perhaps the kitchen table) as a place where your family can begin the entangled maze to find their baskets.

Before you know it, everyone will be entangled in ribbons and laughter.

Creating memorable moments does not take much time or money, just a desire to create and be intentional.

(This is a wonderful idea for any festive occasion. This year, we won’t be doing Easter Baskets, but I am contemplating doing it just with a few eggs during our hunt for the Golden Egg tradition.)

Enjoy many more Easter ideas,  traditions and food ideas.

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