This simple and delicious treat combines a meaningful tradition pointing to the real reason behind Easter.

I can’t believe it’s been eight years since I first shared this post. My baby was only five and now she’s a new teenager. Oh my! How does that happen?  I thought this was worth sharing again because it’s a favorite food tradition. (Browse many more fun traditions and Easter recipes here.)

Finding simple, yet meaningful, traditions which make an impact on a child’s long term memory can be a challenge, but these Resurrection Rolls fit both prerequisites.

Our family celebrates Easter as the Resurrection Sunday of our Lord.

If you do the same, then take just a few minutes to enjoy this yummy treat.  It’s a delicious recipe that works for any occasion, but it also gives the opportunity to engage your children in spiritually meaningful conversation while you enjoy some fun in the kitchen together making memories.

Your kids will enjoy participating, and the discussion points will be long lasting, plus, they are simply delicious! Nothing can go wrong with crescent rolls. 🙂

For smaller children, they are especially amazed when you open the “tomb,” and it is empty. You can remind them that “He has risen” through this memorable hands on cooking tradition!

Easter Resurrection-Rolls-

  1. Share the truth of how Jesus was placed into the tomb (crescent rolls) after the crucifixion.
  2. Explain how they prepared his body by putting oil and herbs on him (cinnamon and sugar represents the oils and spices).
  3. As you wrap the marshmallow,explain how this represents the wrapping of Jesus’s body after His death.
  4. Finally, after waiting three long day (or twelve minutes baking time, which feels like days to the children), explain that death could not hold Him in the grave and He is alive. (The marshmallow melts and the crescent roll puffs up, BUT is empty!!

The tomb is empty! He is risen. He is Risen Indeed. Matthew 28:1-8 

Combine delicious treat with a special Easter memory making tradition.

Combine delicious treat with a special Easter memory making tradition.

(I used store bought crescent rolls for ease, but of course, homemade crescent dough would always be amazing).

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