We’ve been in our home for fourteen years, and slowly, I’m re-doing things the good ole-fashioned DIY (Do It Yourself) way. One regret I really have is that I didn’t prioritize new lighting fixtures sooner.

Yes, most of my rooms still sport the 90’s builder brass fixtures that blind me on a regular basis, and one of my 2012 home goals is to replace most of my fixtures.

For some reason, putting up new lighting  just seemed a bit daunting, not to mention that during unemployment, fixtures aren’t a necessity.  Even though I would see great lighting fixtures at yard sales, and know the power of spray paint magic. I have even updated my brass kitchen fixture proving to myself how simple it was, yet  I still didn’t realize the huge impact that new fixtures would have on my rooms.

Last year, I did the first step of my DIY laundry room make – over. I always say that paint is the quickest, easiest and most frugal way to get a dramatic change in a room, but now I know lighting runs a very close second.

For the last few months, I’ve been on the look out at yard sales and thrift stores for a second hand chandelier to hang in our great room, but I haven’t found the “perfect” one for under $300 (new). I’ve raised my second hand budget now, and am willing to wait a few more months, and invest a bit more since I know exactly what I want and don’t want to short change that room just to save a few dollars.

On that same hunt, I came across an antique chandelier for $100. It was too small for my great room, but knew it was a perfect size for our laundry room, yet still more than I wanted to pay. I used my art of negotiating, and the owner came down to $60. It was still more than I am used to paying, but I realize that for something I love, and something I know doesn’t come around at thrift stores very often, I had to bite the bullet, and I am so glad I did.

I want my laundry room to be my happy place, but it just isn’t. The worst thing about my laundry room is it’s not really a laundry room. It’s our mudroom, shoe room, junk room and side entrance (which is really our main entrance since everyone comes through that door). Adding this bit of elegance into such a “catch all” area just makes me giddy. It catches the eye, so that hopefully it takes peoples eyes up and away from the disaster that is below. 🙂

Initially, I debated spray painting it white, but my desire is a white crystal chandelier for my great room, so I don’t want identical looks in both rooms.

I’ve spent a lot of hours over the last few weeks cleaning out our attic and literally, hours before my nephew hung this fixture for me, I found this white medallion in my attic. I bought two for only $1, over two years ago, and for once, I am glad I bought something I didn’t “need” at the time. It adds the perfect elegant accent.

I’m having so much fun now noticing lighting in different rooms. It makes such a HUGE difference and if you aren’t needing to make an immediate purchase, it can be a huge statement for pennies on the dollar if you find them second hand or on clearance.

And yes, don’t laugh at me, but this is the lighting fixture that has been hanging in our great room all these years. Now, that I have a picture of just my ceiling, I realize just how much it needs to go.

Won’t a huge grand white crystal chandelier look fabulous? I’m repainting the walls and softening the look of the entire room. I just can’t wait.

Do you have any rooms that need new lighting fixtures?

(Well, in reality this is a “want vs. a need,” but when this want has been put onto the budget and we’re paying cash, it’s sure is a fun “want.”)

Do you notice the lighting in rooms?