My laundry room has been in disarray for years. Now for most, that is pretty typical but there are no worries because one just closes the door to the laundry room and the worries melt away. Well, not so in this house because EVERYONE walks in through our side laundry room door.
Do you remember my “Setting financial goals: What dream are you saving for?” post which shared about our wrap around front porch? Well, with that dream, we never completed a walk way to our front door because we “knew” we were going to shortly rip that walk way out (ha ha….13 years later, I scoff at that since the front porch is still not completed.) Due to that fact, people tend to gravitate to our side door, which is my laundry room, mud room, put smelly football clothes in room. I know, I know, it’s hard to welcome people into that environment.
I’ve been meaning to paint it for two years, and why I have procrastinated this long, I do not know, but no longer…the painting was completed right before our company came, and I JUST love it.
This room has come alive and for under $20 (including paint, $5 yard sale shelf, and yard sale decor – of course, appliances not included…:)).
Never before have I decorated around an item, or two items for that matter…until now.

frigidaire washer and dryer

These washer babies are not just any color, they are a vibrant blue, and this washer/dryer duo are spectacular. Just being in the same room with them makes me happy and the pedestal storage that they sit on is a must have for anyone with front loaders. I’ve been using them for such a short time and already, the time a matching set is saving me is worth mentioning. It’s the first time I have had a set that pretty much starts and ends at the same time. Yes, it makes a difference. 🙂
After going without a washer and dryer for over two weeks due to some technical difficulties, I can not tell you how thankful I am for electricity, running water and top of the line appliances to wash our clothes. (Let me climb up on the soap box for just a bit to tell you about how great America is…seriously, we take so much for granted, including our washers.)
A few weeks ago, I shared that painting was the easiest, cheapest and most dramatic way to update any room, and gave you a quick sneak peak. Well, I am not quite finished, but I wanted to show you how my laundry room is a prime example of how decluttering and paint can profoundly change the look of a room in just a few hours. You do not a bushel of money to make a few immediate changes in a room.
Before: most of the walls were a soft yellow (which I did love,) but I was into attempting some stamping on the walls and I had borders of floral stamped art, which was completely “in” for about a year, five years ago.

messy laundry room

I had to make sure the blue I bought didn’t clash with the Frigidaire washer and dryer. Do you know how many shades of blue there are to choose from? Seriously, I went three times and still couldn’t make up my mind.
I wish I had a a “before” picture of our laundry room cabinets. We didn’t have any for years. I just had one of those “over the washer” wire type of organizers.
It’s possible to get very creative when money is tight. My father actually organized a  purchase of a semi truck full of cabinets from an installer (sight un-seen, which was the agreement.) Between two of my brothers, my dad and ourselves, we all had areas in our home, garage, attic that needed cabinets – either for the kitchen, bathroom, workshop etc. For $700, we were delivered approximately $7K in cabinetry for above and below units. We split the cost four ways, and then sorted through to try and determine what would work or be useful for our homes. It was one great big puzzle party, since we had no idea what would be in the truck, but my laundry room cabinets were one of the finished products. The amazing cabinetry that we all received through that transaction was so worth any hassle.
On the right, you’ll see my latest stockpile of fabric softener. I had $3 off coupons, and if I had traveled to travel an extra ten miles I could have bought them for free. I didn’t.  My time and savings of only a  few dollars was NOT worth it, so I purchased them for $0.50/a piece. Still a great deal.
The soft muted tones of the bottles go quite well with the new paint color, don’t you think? 🙂

laundry room redo
stock up on laundry detergent
Below is the area that I am still working on. Unfortunately, the angles of this room are so narrow, it’s difficult for me to get any good pictures of the space, and with 9 1/2 foot ceilings, nearly impossible to capture the height.
I need to lose the “Pardon the Mess, the Maid is off for the day” sign. It’s cute, but I need to replace it with either larger artwork or quite possibly a decorative shelf to add some accessories.
I am also brainstorming what to put on this shelf below the star. What ever I chose, the star will need to come down because any tall pieces would be in its way. I am willing to wait for the perfect couple pieces.
Any ideas? I will even go to one of my favorite discount home stores to buy something since finding pieces to scale at a yard sale may not happen, but I’m giving it a few weeks of searching.

redo of laundry room

frigidaire appliances\

When you walk in on the left, there is the shoe rack on the floor (SIGH…always a MESS), and the coat rack that my dad hung up for me. It’s just some white wood we got at Home Depot and added the hooks. I am going to replace those with some cute crystal knobs. I think that would make a big difference. Again, I love having words of truth surround me as reminders through out the day. This Abide in Him sign is from Dayspring.)

scripture on walls

Last year, I found this white metal works art piece at an amazing yard sale. The owner through it in for free when I purchased the other one for above my mantel. I’m only hanging it now, which shows that sometimes it’s ok to buy something you love and then find a place for it.
Remember the cute, plaster of paris beach craft I did of my daughter’s feet? I will find a better spot for them. (And no, I did not clean up my $5 yard sale shelf for you. That is another part of the laundry room on which I am still working.

blue laundry room

When I saw this $1 yard sale Pottery Barn vase below (with the $40 price tag still on the bottom), I though it would be perfect for the shelving above the washer. It doesn’t quite work, so I’ll hold onto it until I can complete the entire area.
But it sure does make me happy to look at?
Stay tuned for part two of my painting expedition. The next room I tackled is a jaw dropped. Whenever I am finished painting for the day, I can’t believe I didn’t carve out time sooner to tackle this simple, yet “packs the biggest punch for the dollar” redo.
Have you been painting anything lately?
pottery barn yard sale find