It crept up on me so subtly; this feeling of insecurity as I welcomed people into my home. Quite frankly, it permeated to the core of who I was just hours before guests were to arrive, and I was taken back.

My desire has always been to make our home a haven, a place where friends are welcome to share both their beauty and bedlam moments and feel safe. Yet when it came time for me to put aside the fact that the physical beauty of perfect decor and a manicured yard was not going to be finished, and the reality that only my bedlam would show through, I was unnerved.
Never before has the thought crossed my mind to cancel an opportunity to open our home, but this time, I was truly tempted.
And this is why….

Putting up gazeebo

A UFO had landed…
Come find out the rest of my harried hospitality story over at (incourage)…
When ever  I share at (in)courage, I tend to pop around the Dayspring store, since I’m one of their affiliates,  to see what fun things are highlighted.
Imagine my dismay when I saw the TWO ironwork premium art pieces which I purchased as a “steal” for $49 (then 50% off), now marked 75% off.
ironwork wall art
My frugal little heart did a leap and then I mourned over the loss of my deal. So what did I do?
I did what every good shopped has done, and bought another one for a wedding present, and one as a Christmas present.
As much as I would love to find this yard sale-ing, things like this just don’t really come around, and for $29 brand new, I felt like I had hit a jackpot. They have a lot of great clearanced items on sale right now, and I picked up a few adorable $5 reversible necklaces for my daughters as well.
Dayspring metal art_opt
In order to find these, click on the button below or my Dayspring link, but then you need to go to your left sidebar and you’ll see “clearance.” You’ll then see the drop down menu and go to clearanced inspirational art.

Premium Art from DaySpring - Free Shipping

I found a few additional discount codes for you to use if you are stocking up for Christmas presents.This makes these an even better steal. Decide which one works the best for your purchase.
Remember, it’s all about keeping it in the budget. Even though these are amazing deals, I don’t recommend them if you have other financial things to prioritize first. (This said just because I love you, not because I don’t want you to buy them ;).
(edited to add: I just got this in an email…YEA)
Use coupon code THANKS2010 during checkout to receive 25% off everything, including items already discounted.
Valid through Saturday, July 31.
$20 Off Orders of $100 or more from DaySpring- Use Coupon Code: 20off100 through 08/01/2010
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