I’ve Been Laid Off…Now What?

I’ve Been Laid Off…Now What?

The depth of emotions that come from being laid off stretch a large gamet. Whether the unemployment was planned or completely unexpected, the warring psychological implications still plays on ones security. Last year, I shared a post called “The Five Languages...

“God Watch” Financial Update

*Many of you have asked how my husband’s job search is going and how we are making it financially since it’s been so long. Here are just a few thoughts for those faithful followers. Embracing this season during our “God Watch” continues to...

Extending our “God Watch”

I watch. I wait. I wonder. Some call it courage. Some call it foolish. I call it faith. Six months ago, I wrote a blog post called, “Join me on our God Watch.” It invited blogging friends to join our family as we entered another “God Watch” period in our lives – my...

Join me on our God Watch!

I have missed sharing my thrifty/frugal living posts this past month. It’s been as if a vital part of my life was cut off, and I can’t wait to share all that has transpired. 🙂 Christmas for our family “rains” frugal living. 2009 will bring...

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