I have missed sharing my thrifty/frugal living posts this past month.
It’s been as if a vital part of my life was cut off,
and I can’t wait to share all that has transpired. 🙂
Christmas for our family “rains” frugal living.
2009 will bring about many posts on Living Life to its Fullest…on less.
With everything from DIY decorating to groceries and garage sales,

I continue to learn, and am excited to live out what I “preach” on my blog.

Our family is entering a “God watch” time.

My sweet husband’s job comes to an end in February, and I can’t wait to watch and see how God will provide.
His company was bought out a few months ago and they have offered him a job in Houston.
That was a very easy, “No.”
No offense to you Texans, but it would be a pretty hard thing to sell out our shared “Harried Homestead” family land, and give up on this 200 year generational legacy plan that we are trying to see through to fruition just because of a few dollars and an exciting retirement plan 😉 We determined from the beginning that money is not a reason to give up on all this.

Years ago, I coined the term “God Watch” for the numerous instances when circumstances were unknown, and doubt would begin to creep subtly into the crevices of my heart.
I challenged the kids to a “game” of sorts where we would be on a “God Watch”.
Watching and waiting expectantly for all the ways He works in situations has become a continual faith building activity for our family, especially when His perfect timing is quite often not my timing.
This year I will share some of my background surrounding this.
It’s truly a Riches to Rags story (yep, that’s typed correctly), and one that I would not change.
Beauty and Bedlam at its finest.
It has cemented who I am and where my worth is found.

Our desire is to make it through this waiting period debt free.
The key to a financial plan for one’s family is exactly that….there is a plan – no matter what the income or job title – whether you make $24,000 a year or $240,000.
Unexpected job loss is built into that plan with an emergency fund for situations just like what we are anticipating.
But that’s a whole different blog post which I feel passionately about..can you tell? Remind me of that in six months if we’re still unemployed, deal?
I am laughing at myself because this blog title was “Tablescape on a dime…or two” – it was going to be light and fun, and ended up as a sermonette.
Don’t worry, ladies, crazy bedlam moments will be back, as well as those holiday tables.

Thanks for joining me on our family’s God watch….I would love to join you if you care to share.