Last week, we celebrated the one year anniversary of our God Watch – a time of watching and waiting expectantly. One year of transition, one year of unemployment, one year of unknowns, and one year later…we have grown, changed, cried, persevered and rejoiced.
Through it all, He has remained faithful to meet every need. Yes, every need.
Needs vs. wants – it’s a touchy topic and highly debated. Most of us have never truly “wanted” for anything in life, yet living in a society where an entitlement mentality has been nurtured,  it leaves us with a skewed definition of true need.
As I sprinkle in personal finance issues during the next few months, the centrality of this issue lies with the important foundation of being truly honest in naming our needs vs. wants.
The wonderful conclusion is that there is room for both – after we’ve tackled… budgets, debt and the elusive “entitlement” temptation. Our family’s God Watch story isn’t quite finished yet (is anyone’s), but it sure does have an exciting journey that I want to share.
So what about you?

Have you done much thinking or planning about your budget yet this year?

Do you need to begin?
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