This is my updated list of our favorite Family Tradition Ideas for Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to check back here for more inspiration and ideas for all your holidays and celebrations.

Often, the fondest childhood memories stem from family traditions that are lovingly repeated throughout the years. Family traditions have family at the center of a celebration spending time together and creating last memories. I always refer to traditions as the “we all” of family. “We always” do this on….

If you haven’t already established some creative “We all” Valentine’s Day traditions, why not start one this year? You know that the little things are often the big things and those big things don’t have to be expensive. Here are some inexpensive ways you can start a special Valentine’s Day tradition with the family. Click on the highlighted link to bring you to each creative, yet inexpensive idea to make this year magical.

1. This tradition can begin today. Engage  your family’s creativity and sense of excitement by beginning the My Secret Valentine tradition leading up to the 14th.

2. Engage the power of encouraging words with the Ten Things I Love about you free printable cards. Great printable for any time of the year, or use my free printable homemade Coupon Book template (just switch out the Cover and add your personal Valentine’s Day coupon book cover.)

3. One of my children’s favorites is our Treasure Hunt of Love. I have mixed this up for different holidays, and it’s always such a blast. Read about it here: Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt of Love.

4. For years, our children enjoyed decorating their Valentine’s Day jar and attempting to go “above and beyond” what’s been asked with our Hearts of Loving Kindness Family Tradition idea. Focusing on character building, as well as the fun stuff makes family time that much more intentional. This idea can also be used at any time of the year.

5. Use my Easy Play dough Recipe and some simple heart cookie cutters and let your kids go to town dividing a batch of homemade playdough. Give heart shaped play dough gift bags instead of the traditional candy.

The kids get so many sweets with each Valentine, so this is such a wonderful alternative, giving hours of fun play.


5. Spend an extra few minutes this Valentine’s Day and start the day with these special Love Note Muffins.

 Need an Idea for Your Extra Coffee? Iced Coffee

6. Sometimes it’s just the little things that make a huge difference, such as these heart shaped ice cubes  or trying making some of my super easy, 5 minute Homemade Tootsie Roll recipe, and have the kids shape them in fun heart shapes.

sour Cream Banana Cake Easy Sour Cream Banana Cake/Bread
or making this easy Sour Cream Banana Cake. If you have run out of time and realize you want to do something special, but only have about five minutes to whip it up, try this recipe. It’s a keeper.  It’s semi homemade, but allows you to use those free cake mixes that you may have stockpiled recently.
Would you like to make breakfast extra special, but so easy?
Tie this Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast tradition idea into play (and even use store bought muffins.)
And finally, don’t stress about some fancy dessert. All you need is a trifle bowl (or any glass bowl) and layer away yummy goodness. I love my Strawberry Snickers Trifle, but the variations are endless.
Have a wonderful day of celebration.