The BEST KIND of PRESENT! The personalized gift that keeps on giving!! FREE customizable Homemade Coupon book.

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It’s that time of the year when we are driven to purchase more “stuff.” Stuff that will soon be forgotten, and quite frankly, stuff that our family members do not really need.
Often, it’s the simple homemade gifts that truly give meaning to the season, and what better choice than to offer a gift that keeps on giving well into the new year.

Considering that Quality Time Together and Acts of Service are my two top “love languages,” it’s a joy to offer you a free, printable, and customizable Christmas Coupon book.

If you are viewing this before another holiday, just make your own hand made Cover and personalize your own coupons to fit.It’s filled with homemade coupons, but the most unique feature is that you have the option to add in your own personalized homemade coupons. When you reach the end of the file, type in those coupon book ideas that your loved one will most enjoy, and save the file. You know your chosen recipient best, so have fun and be creative with your own coupon ideas.

You will see that I fashioned this homemade coupon book with my dream coupons (yes, I’ve procrastinating on the baseboards), but depending on who you give it to – grandparents, dad, neighbor etc, the ideas will vary.

It’s so easy to put together, and I know both children and adults alike will enjoy presenting this special gift. The work is done for you. Just  click and open up my Free, Homemade Christmas Coupon Book, type in your own coupons at the end, print this coupon book onto card stock, hole punch the corners, and secure it with a decorative ribbon.
Voila! You are finished. Enjoy!

P.S. Of course, I would really enjoy receiving this, so can someone let my teen boys know of the wonderfully free gift giving option they have at their disposal, and make sure they personalize one to say, “This coupon good for one coupon book worth of chores done with an attitude of gratitude, without any complaining or excuses that they’re too busy. ;)”
P.P.S If you feel led to share this with friends, please send them directly to this Homemade Coupon Book post, rather than forwarding or linking to the PDF file. This material is copyrighted.
I’ve also put together a free Conversation Starters printable as a special gift for you. Start this new family tradition today.