I mentioned on the invitation to bring either a side or dessert. No need to RSVP.

Who actually responds promptly these days anyhow? Sad, but true.

The guests started entering, and our table began to fill with food.

Lots and lots of food. Lots and lots of side dishes.

Now, for me, lots of side dishes is almost as good as having appetizers for dinner.  I am completely fine with that scenario,  but I couldn’t believe that desserts were not lining the table, and knowing a few of my friends, they were going to be looking for them.

My hands started getting a little sweaty realizing that a dreaded nightmare was about to be reality. NO DESSERT FOR DINNER!!

But then I remember my ace in the whole. The dessert that I run to whenever I am in a pinch for a large group.

The every faithful, trifle.

You see, in a trifle bowl, everything tastes better. It’s just so pretty and therefore, anything you mix in there because magic on a plate and that is definitely what this Strawberry Snickers Trifle became in an instant.

Typically, I do something with pound cake and fruit. It’s light, refreshing and a welcome change from the traditional chocolate desserts my family loves, but this evening, I didn’t have pound cake. I had a brownie mix and it would definitely work.

The wonderful thing about trifles is that anything works.

Quickly tasking my daughter with whipping up a package of brownies, I started hunting for what we had on hand and believe it or not, Snicker Bars appeared. They were manna from dessert heaven and right there,  I knew everything would be all right.

With a little layering of this and that, dessert was served for a crowd with resounding affirmation.

All was good at the potluck once again, but next time, I’ll make sure we have a little bit of everything.

Remember, everything is better in a trifle bowl and pretty much anything goes.

How’s that for an award winning dessert?

What’s your favorite kind of trifle?

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