The power of words is an unbelievable thing. They cultivate a range of emotions. Words can inspire, encourage, devastate, uplift, tear down and ultimately change the direction of a person’s day, week, and in some rare instances, their life.

Be purposely intentional by taking just ten minutes out of your day to make a profound difference for one you love by sharing some encouraging words.

Print out some Free “I Love You cards” on white paper or card stock and bullet point ten things that you love about the recipient.

Don’t save it for “another day” because you can’t think of something fancy to say. You do not have to share Shakespearean verses. Don’t even worry about complete sentences – just share from your heart.

Place your note in a lunch box, on a pillow, in a briefcase, or even on a car’s windshield, and know that your ten minutes of intentionality today will change the course of their day (even if they don’t let you know.)

Print the full sized I Love You cards now, or use this link for “pocket size” printable .

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