The Treasure Hunt of Love

This Valentine’s tradition combines the fun of a scavenger hunt/treasure hunt with the sweetness of showing love and appreciation. The older our children get, the more I realize the importance of filling their love tanks by praising and encouraging all their wonderful character qualities instead of just their “talents.”

Talents come and go and are based on performance whereas building their character makes an impact for generations to come.

Last year, I had so much fun brainstorming this treasure hunt. You can make it as easy or complicated as you choose. Cut four or five hearts out of red or pink construction paper, label them 1 to 5 on the backside, and write a clue on the front that describes something you love about the recipient, but at the same time, leads them to a spot around the house where they will find the next clue.

Just to get your creative juices flowing, here are a few ideas.

“I love your cheerfulness in the morning, even before you have had your breakfast. I love when you choose joy, so choose it now and find Clue #2.”

“I admire the diligence you showed in order to get an A in Chemistry. Where is the last place you left your Chemistry book?”

“You have such a big, kind heart when you help your little brother pick up his puzzles .” (The clue may be then hidden where you store the puzzles.)

“Your great attitude and sportsmanship at basketball games make the whole family proud of you.” (Clue might be with his basketball jersey.)

The first clue can be hidden under a pillow, placed on the breakfast plate or taped to the bathroom mirror. Of course, the last clue of the treasure hunt leads them to a present or a treat you have prepared for them.

One year, I made up a corny poetic clue for each “station.” The kids had to figure it out before they headed on to the next destination, and “no,” I don’t think you want to hear it…although it did rhyme quite nicely, thank you 🙂

(And I admit, one of the things they had to do in order to get the next clue was to scrub the toilet. :))

Valentines treasure hunt of love

You know if wouldn’t be my family if there hadn’t been some bedlam mixed in with the beauty.
 Yes, the dog got the “treasure” right out of my daughter’s hand. 🙂
I can’t wait to hear how this went with your family. I know this will make memories for years to come.
Need some more tradition ideas to get those creative juices going? Try having Secret Valentines throughout the month, or  encourage “Hearts of Loving Kindness” tradition idea.