Love this day to day look. Five Frugal things I did today. It's a lifestyle

Around the blogosphere, there are a few blogs that post “5 Frugal Things I’ve done this Month.” It’s always interesting to read what people are doing to save money, but honestly, living an “80% off Lifestyle” like I do means that nearly all the lifestyle choices I make sifts through my frugal filter every single day. Thinking of only doing five frugal things a month would never allow us the freedom to save, and eventually spend and give like we have over the years. If you know me, I’m much more hard core than that. 🙂

Sometimes, it’s an intentional choice that I make to slash the budget, but often, it’s things I don’t even think about at all; they’re second nature, and only when a friend reminds me that most people don’t instinctively think like like I do in terms of a money saving lifestyle, I realize this would be a fun post to share regularly.

Literally, I could do this every single day, so attempting to limit it is tricky.  The best part is that I am not going to worry one bit about editing any pictures for this. 🙂

Here are five frugal things I’ve done today (or really yesterday or maybe two days ago depending on when I finally get this posted, but I guarantee, they all happened within 24 hours).

crock pot bulk cooking

1. Food: Sunday evening I hosted a gathering for my special hubby’s b-day. My desire was to make up a ton of pork and chicken BBQ and then have lots left over to freeze, but wow, our guests can eat. I had nearly ten pounds of shredded BBQ chicken and 18 pounds of pork that I made in this plethora of crock pots and I don’t even think I have five pounds left (almost all chicken).

We had BBQ pork sandwiches topped with slaw and veggies from our garden for lunch and then used the shredded chicken for easy enchiladas.

IMG_3186 - Version 2

2. Spray paint rampage: My love of paint is no new thing on this blog. It’s the best home spruce up miracle worker because nearly anything can be painted to bring new life. This worn garden stool/side table gets a beating with our hot NC heat. You can see the original bright red color on the top (that’s where a little decorative item sat protecting it from the elements) and it looked ready to be tossed. We know that’s not an option when $1 worth of spray paint can make all things new (well, not everything. I wish it worked on muffin tops too. I’d be a millionaire.)

sprucing up the outside porch

Doesn’t it look just so happy with this blue? For now, I have it next to my World Market bench that I got for 50% off. On the bench is my $1 yard sale blanket and $2 yard sale outdoor fabric pillows. Pillows are SO expensive, so I always snag them second hand even if I don’t love the fabric. I have a bunch more things I spray painted yesterday that I’ll have to snag pics of for you.


3. Of course, everything I am wearing today is courtesy of my Frugal Fashionista mentality right down to my cute $2 yard sale sandals, but no, much to your chagrin, I don’t have a picture. I promise, Frugal Fashionista post WILL be coming soon. I post lots more over on FB and IG.

Until then, just stand in awe of these amazingly fun fringe sandals from Payless. I could wear these shoes with my bathrobe (if I wore a bathrobe) and would strut up 5th Avenue in style. They just make you feel cool and yes, I can only wear them for about an hour or two, but they’re worth every minute. Seriously, check out their site or store if you haven’t been in a while. Since I went to NYC Fashion Week with them and serve as a Payless Insider, I’ve been amazed at what great deals are to be had.

4. Gas: For those of you with smaller children, take heart. This will be a struggle, but it’s worth the fight. Kids think that we are their on call chauffeur and they don’t understand that our dream does not exist to drive them four places in three hours. Thus, it’s important that they learn to accept varying responses such as “No, sorry, not happening,” “Wait patiently” or sometimes, “I can do this but we will have to combine my errands too.”

Yesterday, my version of this revolved around my older teens. It included Son #3 having to pick up his sister from a friend’s house that was 15 minutes past where he planned on going. Then sister needed to wait with brother until he was finished and they could both drive home together. Originally, neither of them were happy with this arrangement. They didn’t understand why we couldn’t just take two cars and why I would inconvenience them both when I could just pick her up (30 minutes one way from our house.) My response? This is your only option. No debate necessary. We weren’t going to spend gas money and car mileage, let alone my extra time, just for their convenience sake. When they understand that their social lives don’t dictate all the decisions in the home, you will save money, time and your sanity. 🙂 It’s a win-win all around.

singing in the rain
5. The Little Things:

I posted this live on FB yesterday, but it’s an important reminder. Since I first started this blog, one of my core values has been, It’s the little things that are the big things,” yet often, I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day living that this sentiment escapes me.

So as a reminder, when it’s pouring outside and your daughter (or son) wants to go play in the rain with her cousin, trust me, your immediate response will be “No.” Yes, that was what instinctively came out of my mouth. Then I remembered that there are too many times I have to be the “No” mom because I know what’s best for them. So when I can quickly change my answer to yes, I forget about the mud and wet clothes (insert your reason here), and challenge myself to just do it.

Why don’t you join me?

Be that “Yes” mom as often as you can! (Check out my first post about that and chuckle at me.)

Because when that daughter comes in and says “that was so much fun,” it’s always worth the mess!

That was my fifth and most important frugal thing I did today (or yesterday); remembering that those simple choices don’t cost a cent, but they create lifelong memories that weave a legacy of love and fun that won’t be forgotten.

SO play along with me, pretty please?? This will only be fun if you respond in the comments.

Can you think of one (or five) frugal things you did in the last week. It doesn’t have to be today. 🙂