It’s been one of those “hard to be a mom” days.

Yes, I’ll just admit it.

I was sorely disappointed in some of my childrens’ choices, and so in like manner, my reaction equaled the quality of their poor decisions.

Plain and simple, I reacted in frustration, rather than responding with wisdom.

I’ve shared how “I want to be a YES mom,” but sometimes, it is quite the challenge. One of the ways I am spending January is by encouraging my children in the little things.  Sometimes the pursuit of the big thing is our focus and yet I forget the goal is for them us to  pursue excellence of character in the little things first.

Remembering the Little Things

Often times our greatest accomplishments are the little things we do to encourage those around us that just make life sweeter for everyone. You know those things…the little things that no one ever notices, or if they do, it’s not mentioned. Things like remembering to take the trash out without being asked, rinsing the dishes and putting then in the dishwasher (instead of piling them on the counter) and feeding the dogs every day because that is just what you do. But it’s not just chore type things. I embrace the moments when my teen son snuggles with his baby sister and reads Cinderella to her for the tenth time, or when the girls ask to hold babies at our sporting events to give those moms a break.

So this month, I am keeping a list of these moments of glory by posting a list for each family member on the refrigerator that i will add to throughout the month. I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. I just want to see what happens, and I’ll let you know what I do with that info at the end of the month.

Who knows? Maybe it will catch on and everyone will start adding to the list….to others’ lists that is. 🙂

Another twist on this idea is below. Remember this doesn’t have to be just for children. It would work equally as well for neighbors or co-workers.

Who doesn’t love or need a dose of encouragement that isn’t based solely on a “performance” mentality.

You Thought I Didn’t Notice –Surprise your friends and family by noticing the things they do, especially when they think no one is watching. When you see your youngest son playing nicely in his room all alone, write him a note. Tell him how wonderful it was to watch him engage the mind God gave him, and how you love his creativity and imagination. Put the not under his pillow and be sure to ask him to then notice something about someone else, what they have done and write them a note.

You can put the cards in the mailbox, a briefcase, in a pocket or wherever else the recipient is sure to find it. The more you recognize these wonderful behaviors, and the more you honor it by writing it down, those around you will begin to know that someone cares about them. That encouragement will go a long, long way in a tiring week.

My “Yes Mom” moment for the day?

My 10 year old daughter just accompanied me on my Super Doubles couponing time, and then we went to Starbucks.

Just the two of us. (She has been asking me to go so she could use her gift card, but I’ve been saying, “No.”)

We talked and shared life.

I apologized, and thanked her for the amazing help she has been around the house.

Then I beat her in Uno. Life is good. 🙂