October 20, 2017

Why I Choose to Yard Sale and Buy Thrift


As I prepare to write this post, I glance around to estimate just how much of the products in our home comes from a second hand source. Right now, I am snacking from beautiful teal, Mikasa dishes that I bought […]

Preparing for Vacation – Thrifting Style


One of the benefits of living only a few hours from both the mountains and the beach is the easy access to simple, frugal getaways during the off season or even just a “daycation.” My husband was supposed to be […]

You know they’re true frugal friends when…


You know they’re true frugal friends when they agree to a ladies’ night out that begins with a stop at GoodWill. (Now only five ladies came to GW, yet twelve met us for dinner…they don’t know what they’re missing.) You […]

Inexpensive Gift Ideas


Being privileged to write for Dayspring’s (in)courage has opened up product lines that not only encourage values with a heart towards home, but they have a killer line up of CLEARANCED items with prices that I can’t even beat at a thrift store.

Seriously, if you follow my blog, you know I only shop for steals and deals, which means almost always thrift stores bargains. Well, I have found the steals, ordered them new, and encourage you to hurry over to their site and check them out. I planned on posting this last week and some of my highlighted items are already sold out.

Finding Thankfulness Through a Thrift Store?


…The melting pot mentality of America is embodied in a thrift store. One can look around the parking lot and observe vehicles ranging from BMW’s to Beretta’s, shelves stocked with both jewels and junk, while purchasers carrying either Amex Gold […]

Tips to Navigating a Thrift Store


As my daughters and I entered our local Goodwill last week, the oldest took a big whiff and sighed, ” I love the smell of Goodwill.” I practically snorted my last gulp of coffee, and just began to chuckle. Contemplating […]