I’m not in my Spring Cleaning mood yet (I’m waiting patiently for that to hit), but when the spring air hit this week, it sure did get me in a Spring spray paint kind of mood.

I went on a rampage and started grabbing things left and right that I could change up without spending any money. The kids were running for cover because they knew if they got in the way, they might be next.

This $1 yard sale lamp once sported the notorious brass glow. Then it received a necessary black spray paint coating, and now I was convinced it needed a summer “do.”  I found a turquoise lamp shade for $2 at the thrift store last week and that was all the convincing I needed. I’m slowly bringing more pops of color to my home and just looking at it makes me happy.

As I prepare for our Easter Egg-stravaganza, creating my Spring tablescape  always gives me the opportunity to shop my home.

To start off, I look around and see what kinds of items that I can use. Do the same for your spring spruce up. Don’t forget about items that you could spray paint or quite possibly, they may be in great shape, but you just want to change colors for the spring months.

A few gathering ideas might be:

  • Photo frame, mirrors
  • Fabrics, pretty napkins
  • Flowers, foliage
  • Fresh fruit or quality fakes
  • Baskets, books, candles
  • Tea trays, vases, or bowls

For more beautiful examples, see my Creating a Tablescape post.

This candlestick set was a steal for $1 last fall, and the solid wooden lazy susan was only $0.50. You have to love those yard sales.  I may regret painting the wood next fall, but wooden pieces like this are in abundance at yard sales and thrift stores, so I am not worried.

In just a few minutes, I have the perfect Easter and Spring decor,

With colors that make me happy.

As you think through your decorating scheme, gather items with different textures and then create layers of varying heights. Don’t be afraid to do something as simple as placing a tissue box under decorative fabric. I used a napkin for this layering effect. Eyes are drawn to varying heights.

Yesterday at the grocery store, these flower flats were deeply discounted, so I picked up a few for my outside planters. I decided to wait on my planting and bring the outside “in” for the weekend.

I was tempted to quickly spray paint this wooden yard sale find, but decided to by-pass that since I am about to paint the table on which it will be placed.

I am too lazy to actually take the flowers out of the plastic flats and plant them properly, so I just shoved them in and used some Polka Dotted ribbon that I bought at the Dollar Store. I pulled it up around the plastic and dirt and no one will be the wiser about my lazy, five minute home decor.

Again, I am brainstorming and trying various textures and layering. I first placed a large wooden lazy susan in the middle of my table.  On top of the lazy susan, I layered a circular mirror, followed by a glass cake plate.

I sprinkled crystals around to catch the sun’s reflection, and then ended by accessorizing my plant with the new hair bow that I just bought for my upcoming 30 Days – 30 Ways Hair Accessories post. I got it at Tanger outlet for only like $3, and I love it. You just never know what things might come in handy.  I am still going to experiment with maybe removing the hair bow and just adding another layer of white ribbon to the planter.

I added a few Dollar Store eggs picks to my St. Patrick’s day, now turned Easter, plant.

And now the cold, hard truth of what my main tablescape looks like right now. Yes, always a work in progress.

Now, I am off to clean up this table mess because look at the beautiful table cloth I just picked up yesterday for $3 – perfect for my Spring Tablescape. Although now I need to buy some purple spray paint to get the candlesticks just right. 🙂

Go grab a bottle of spray paint and have some fun dressing up your nest on a dime. I love that creating a beautiful home doesn’t necessitate a large budget if we embrace the Trash to Treasure mentality.

For many more Easter traditions, Easter decorating ideas, and Easter recipes, check out my Easter Category.