One of the best yard sales that I hit this past fall was a moving sale.
And this wasn’t just any moving sale,
it was a “I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again” sale.
Every thing had a price tag, including the wife. The hubby wanted it ALL gone and I spent TWO hours there….yes, we’re BFF’s now.

I snagged a box full of spray paints featuring every color of the rainbow plus R.O.Y. G.B.I.V. for only $1.
Read it and weep.
I have had a blast with all this paint, and I have reached deep into every nook and cranny of this oasis to see what needed to be updated.
It has been fun to shop my house because it’s amazing the treasures that have been in front of me for years. I just needed to capture a different perspective – like through the lens of a spray paint cover. 🙂
We’ve all seen these glass plates with the fruited plains looking through…

There, that’s better. Now you can see the details.
Remember these?
I see them at almost every yard sale for the outrageous sum of one quarter.
I have had some sitting in my cupboards for years.
I love them, but I only have four plates, so they just weren’t very useful for a family of seven. Until I did this….
Oh yes, with $.05 worth of spray paint and a demanding 45 seconds of my time – literally- I did this.
And the effect is gorgeous. I turned it over and spray painted on the side that you would not eat from so that the details boldly jump out.
I repurposed all four plates in minutes.

I am working on a few naked wall areas, and thought some hanging plates would do the trick. Won’t these look fabulous against my green walls?
Or how about with the yellow?

Decisions, decisions….

While I was shopping my house, I literally walked around with the white paint in my hand thinking of what else I should attack.
This was next.
It was a pretty pastel pink purchase that I bought for $2. I thought “family” would be cute in my girls’ room until I saw other potential…..

Next, I found this little candle holder in my cabinet. It was silver…I did leave the green jewels…love when they catch the light.

Then I grabbed this very “country” looking wooden shelf – remember these shiny wood shelves that used to hold our pink and blue little knickknacks (am I the only one:)?
Well, it was going to Good will until this white found its way to the wall…

So here is the finished result from shopping my house with a little spray paint in hand. This tiny wall had been abandoned, and now it’s just….cozy.
(See that cute nest? I actually bought it for the Nester, and was going to give it to her when I saw her, but…oh…it looks perfect right there…shhh – I’ll find her another one. 🙂

I still need to find a tiny little something to replace the ugly yellow flowers/vase, but considering that this all came from Jen’s store (aka me) = frugal and free = I LOVE it!

Head out to your closest Walmart.
Go buy $1 spray paint can and see what you can do if just minutes….can’t wait to show you the rest…this was only the start of that hour well spent. 🙂

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