In continuation of my mad spray painting rampage, I give you some more of what I did when “I shopped my house.”Again, this was done in a few mere minutes, and the total cost was $2 (including the brass pieces which were originally from a yard sale.) Imagine what I could do with $10…hee hee.I have moved past the brass stage in my home decor, and I literally had these items in a box marked Good Will.

Since I didn’t take “before” pictures….AHHH…what was I thinking, just know that these candlesticks and frames were green – yes, booger green, and should have been disposed of long ago.

BUT, I am so glad that I am a procrastinator…just for this instant. Learning that spraypainting brass is so simple has revolutionized my home decor.
The candlesticks look brand new, and I spray painted ten more….just because I could….and I had lots of spray paint.

Now, the last few thrift stores that I have gone into, I have looked for ugly candlesticks marked at $.25 – $.50 just to paint them a myriad of colors.
*edited to add…I have a rule with the quick spray paint sanding allowed.
I just took a regular old $1 bottle and went to it. I was shocked at how well it turned out. I may have used the indoor/outdoor kind, but it’s already been thrown away,so I couldn’t double check.
So then I went on to this fake, shiny, chunky brass candle holder….

Yes, looks like new…..loving it….
And we all have some of these old brass frames, right?
Yes, this was my hubby and I’s first Christmas, and I do believe that picture has been in this frame since then. Well, look what happens….

Yes, for you observant ladies…it’s not the same frame, but it is the same exact type of frame (remember, I forgot to take the “before” pictures?)

When I was shopping my house, I decided to redo my mantel…all in whites….and there was one spot where I couldn’t find just the right thing, so I whipped out the paint and made this into the perfectly “right” thing. 🙂
Instant gratification.

(I know I am tired when I just typed a brand new word….
and it sounds correct…
Satisfaction + gratification = gratifaction, right?)

This week, I will show you my whole new white thrifty mantel redo…such fun knowing that I love it and it was done with all yard sale finds. 🙂
Now off to bed.
I have been gone today, Sunday, from 7:30am to nearly 9:00pm without a jaunt home, and I bushed.

Good night sweet friends, and sweet dreams thinking of all the new yard sale finds that are right around the corner. It’s almost spring time…are you making a list of your “must finds?”