Often, our outside shed whispers my name.
It seeks me, it calls me to come out and play, or better yet, to clear away the clutter the treasures that rest within.
I’ve ignored that invitation for far too long. Beautiful treasures that need to be painted have their own coffee clutch without me, and yet, someone else screamed my name yesterday, and I accepted her invite. I guess it was the detailed lines,  the knowledge of how much storage was being offered, as well as the ugly brown wood that was ALREADY painted that drew me in.
You see, someone previously had answered the painting call so that I would not have to.
I spied this piece at Goodwill, and could NOT believe it. I was tentative at best because lately our Goodwills have been charging crazy, high prices on their furniture, yet when I cautiously took a peek at the six, yes, I counted them, six price tags that were stuck all over this piece, my tummy did a giddy flip flop.

I couldn’t believe that it was marked at just $50. This is a solid piece of wood. It was once an ugly brown piece, yet now it had the white I love. It was solid and HEAVY – so heavy that my big, strong guys were struggling, and they get paid to move furniture for people.

In the midst of the huffing and puffing, they thought they were pretty humorous when two different times they cried wolf and screamed my name as if they were dropping it, and then again, as pretending it dropped on someone’s toe.

Yes, I came running. Yes, they had a good laugh, and yes, then they spent about ten minutes in our foyer trying to decide who would get the heavy end. My “big man” always draws that short stick.

Just because $50 is a great deal, doesn’t mean I don’t ask for an even better deal. All of the hardware is in great condition except for these two drawer pulls, so I kindly pointed them out and asked if they were firm on $50.
The guy chuckled and said, “This was just put on the floor this morning.”
Meaning, no way. lady, will I even think of going down on the price.
“No problem, I will take it for $50.” And then I proceeded to guard it because I didn’t want it sold out from under me. Just while I was standing there three other people tried to snatch it up.

In the picture below, you can see the wall on which we placed it. If you look below the arrow, you will see the very, short desk that I had there previously. It was not in proportion with our 9 1/2 foot ceilings, but I wasn’t in the market to buy something new, so this was perfect. I just threw some accessories on the top for a quick picture this morning, but I will definitely be playing around with staging the top of it. (Sorry for the bad lighting.)
My next step is to get two cool new drawer pulls for the middle, and also rub a tiny bit of finishing wax over the top to give it a bit more of an aged look. It’s a pure white distressed look now, which is fine for the time being, but a little more character will make it perfect. I will be changing the color in this room shortly to more muted tones and that will be a better fit.

So, I am thrilled with this week’s great treasure find, how about you?
Have you found any fun thrifted treasures recently?