A few months ago, I stumbled across these light weight wooden beauties for $2 a piece at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore. I don’t shop there often because it’s a good 40 minutes from my house, so when my schedule takes me in that direction, you can bet I detour, U- turn and cross medians to get there.

I knew they would add a pop of something to somewhere when I bought them, so I snatched them up. (Yes, can you tell that I had distinct plans for them in mind?)

Before After Furniture painting transformation1 Amazing Color Pop Hutch Transformation

When I did my “Pop of Color” Hutch Redo, the space above the hutch seemed so obviously boring against the newly painted blue walls.

Since our ceilings are 9 1/2 feet, I knew that a simple “pop of something” would do the trick, and that’s when I heard the whisper from my neglected $2 beauties.

I grabbed the Rustoleum spray paint, and gave it a quick once over, but when I went to hang it, I realized that the Pure White spray paint clashed against my Old White Annie Sloan, so fortunately, I had a touch of that paint left and just took a rag and quickly wiped that color on top of the spray paint.

When I mention a touch, I mean, I had to add drops of water to the can just to get a little color onto my rag, but it worked. A little was all that I needed.

Typically, I only keep this Believe sign up at Christmas, but I have needed that reminder lately on a number of levels, so it stays, even it’s a bit too much, it’s helping me focus on truth. 🙂

It’s been fun to start finding spots for some of my thrift treasures. I MUST clean out our attic, and this adorable black find was heading to Goodwill. Not any longer. It’s found a sweet corner spot on our porch to fill up a lot of empty spaces.

For those that follow me on Facebook or Instagram (jenschmidt_beautyandbedlam), you’ll remember that I snatched up this table from Goodwill for only $5. I planned on painting it, but I am so glad I held off because it goes perfectly with my new TJ Maxx indoor/outdoor chairs.

My birthday and anniversary was last week and my father-in-law sent some fun money. Just the day before, I saw these at TJ Maxx but passed them up because they were more than I wanted to spend, but fun bday money gave me the green light to go ahead.  Now, I am on the hunt for cute, thrifted pillows to brighten up those chairs.

I have no idea of it’s purpose or where I will put it, I just knew that this handcrafted work of art from Africa needed to come home with me. Immediately, I thought to paint it, but as I look at the wear and tear, I think history and stories and I want those with me.

Where would you place this beauty and would you put something on it or let it speak for itself?

Isn’t that bowl so cool? Again, it’s unique and I may paint the base to match my kitchen, but I never have woven items like that and I love layering texture, so for only $2, into my cart it went.

These fun plates will definitely add a pop to the Easter Festivities that I always host, and I used my mad negotiating skills to get them for $0.25.

At Goodwill, plates are all prices a certain amount, but when I pointed out they were small and plastic, she was sweet and lowered the price for me. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Those were some of my fun, thrifty treasures from this week, what neat finds have you discovered? (And really, by discovering, it could just mean you found them in your attic and finally put them to work. :))