December 19, 2014

Easter Basket Trail: Easter Morning Idea

easter basket ideas_opt

Easter Morning Idea: Follow the Ribbon Tradition It’s so simple to make magical memories with your children and I had such fun reminiscing, as I just loaded last year’s pictures. Why don’t you take just a few minutes to add […]

Family Easter Traditions: Make Magical Memories

spring easter

Oh, I love the season of spring. It symbolizes new growth, inspiration and hope of things to come.  Yes, with spring in the air, it means that Easter is almost here.  A time to celebrate God’s goodness, but also a […]

Fun and Festive Bunny Napkin Fold

Napkin Fold Bunny ears

When I entertain, I love to create and develop a simple, yet fun and elegant tablescapes on a budget. I always make sure that some unique napkin fold comes into play. Learning to fold napkins is such an easy way […]

Easter Bunny Sweet Trail

Easter Bunny Graphic

Easter Bunny Sweet Trail For those of you who enjoy engaging your children’s imaginations with the Easter Bunny, you already know that your children or grandchildren look forward to the Easter Bunny every single year. There are many delightful ways […]

Brainstorming New Things For Our Easter Meal

lemons in vase

As Spring blooms, and the windows crack their seals to let in the beautiful air, creativity blossoms in this home. There’s something about this time of year that spurs me on. Spray paint cans find their way out to bring […]

Ever So Fun Inexpensive Table Centerpieces (perfect for Easter)


I shared my favorite ever tablescape idea right before Easter last year, and for many of you, it was too late to give it a try. Since I am just starting my Wheat Grass centerpiece, as in, I have to […]

Easter, The Bunny, and Me: Sunday Ponderings


As a young mom, with four babies in five years, many years of my life swirled around a few choice things. One, that all oatmeal pieces were out of my hair by noon. Two, that all my personal undergarments were […]

Magic Jelly Beans to Lollipops Garden Cake (Easter Tradition, but perfect for any party)

Lollipop Garden Cake

Some of the most memorable and imaginative  traditions that I incorporated into our family tapestry came when our children were young. The first year I did this Magic Jelly Beans to Lollipop Garden Cake, it was pure magic. I wish […]

Magic Jelly Beans & the Lollipop Garden (Easter Tradition)

Magic Jelly Beans

Create pure magic and enjoy the wonder of your child’s imagination as they watch these Magic Jelly Beans grow into their own special Lollipop Garden. These colorful jelly beans are meant to be planted by children who love surprises. The […]

Rice Krispie Easter Basket: the Best in Easter Basket Treats

Easter Basket treat

With Easter right around the corner, people will begin hunting for fun, yet easy, Easter recipes that are a perfect idea for Cooking with the Kids. There’s nothing better to spruce up Easter Basket treats then to make them ourselves, […]

Share Easter Laughter with a Time of Joke Telling


A lot of laughter always occurs during our extended family’s Easter Egg-stravaganza, but when we came across some funny Easter Jokes for kids and adults, I knew a new tradition was about to be born. Since our kids are always […]

What are your Easter Meal Ideas?


Every year we host our traditional Easter brunch and our favorite – Easter Eggstravaganza. It’s always a casual buffet style, since there’s typically around 25 – 30 people, and this allows for easy service. Everyone brings some of their favorites, […]

Egg Knocking Contest: Easter Traditions for Children

egg knocking easter tradition

As we approach Easter, I’ll be sharing some fun Easter traditions and Easter Games, like this Egg Knocking Contest that I first heard of when I was a traditions consultant with Once Upon a Family. It’s such a fun addition […]

Easter Food Traditions

strawberry cheesecake trifle

As Easter Sunday approaches, many of us try to iron out our last minute holiday plans. On the other hand,  many know exactly what will be served on Sunday because it just wouldn’t be Easter without our favorite foods. There’s […]

Resurrection Rolls – Making Easter Recipes Meaningful


Finding simple, yet meaningful, traditions which make an impact on a child’s long term memory can be a challenge, but these Resurrection Rolls fit both prerequisites. Our family celebrates Easter as the Resurrection Sunday of our Lord. If you do […]