I’ve shared this post idea previously, and it’s still one of my very favorite frugal and creative ways to bring a touch of Spring to my decor.

Honestly, for one dollar worth of seeds, you can create the most fun Spring Centerpiece for this Easter’s festivities. I can’t wait to show you what I do this year. 🙂

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Use grass as adorable centerpieces

HGTV source

For years, my sweet friend, Kimba, has inspired me with her unique ideas using wheat grass (or cat grass). And for two years, I have said, ” I must do it,” and then time slipped away and I didn’t act on it. (Please tell me you can relate?)

Well, this year I finally said I am going to do something amazing for my Easter table centerpiece, and it’s going to include these inexpensive table centerpieces. I went to a local health store and asked for wheat grass. They are sold in little seed packets in the produce department for less than $2. When I browsed the rack, they had every imaginable pack available, but wheat grass was SOLD OUT.

Who in the world buys so much wheat grass? ( I found out at check out, one lady bought them all…of course, the day I need them.)

As I chit chatted with some of the employees about my desire to grow the wheat grass for decor and not consumption (gasp), he mentioned that they buy wheat grass in flats to add to the smoothies that Earth Fare sells, and that I might want to check up front.

So, I went up to the smoothie lady and simply asked. I am going to put my entirely easy conversation on here because many of you tell me you have a hard time asking or feel silly when I encourage some of my frugal ways, so just copy word for word what I said, and presto…FREE WHEAT GRASS!

“Hi there. This may seem like a very odd request, but the guy mentioned that you use wheat grass for your smoothies, and that once you are done cutting it off you just get rid of it. I thought if you had some left over, by chance, I might be able to get them from you, and try to re-sprout them myself. Is that possible? If not, no worries.”

She looked at me, and said “Sure, we just throw it away every day if no one needs it.”

So she came back with this HUGE flat. I had no idea what to expect, and when I looked it over it certainly appeared hacked, as if it would NOT be usable for a centerpiece, but it was free, healthy, and if worse came to worse, I’d put it out for my chickens. 😉

Since it was so short the very first day, I found smaller pots, and put rocks at the bottom so the grass would stick up. I also cut it like sod and pieced some of the longer sections together so it would look full. This was the first day, and I was thrilled with the fact that for nothing, I got something fun and festive. I left the rest in the flat, and just kept it outside.

Look at it a week later. Why can’t we get our grass to grow like this?

You will definitely need to give your grass a  “hair cut” before the big event. It grows SO FAST! With it only a few days before Easter, I looked around at all the great stuff I had left over from my spontaneous yard sale, and decided to put some of the glassware to good use before I donated it to Goodwill. (Now all you shoppers that passed on my cheap glassware are going to be sad.) Besides vases, I am also taking individual wine glasses and planting some in each one. It’s really fun to experiment with it.

I am planting the rest of the grass like crazy. All this I just did today, and now I am going to find ribbon, some eggs and get to work on my dining room table.

My desire is to find one long, rectangle holder to accent the middle of all of my tables. I’m sure I have one laying around somewhere. The smaller pots, I will just stick randomly around the house for some festive Easter decor.

This Easter garland is by far our kid’s favorite purchase for Easter. I think it creates the same ambiance that white lights do at Christmas.

In the comments of Kimba’s Wheat Grass post, Emily, from Remarkable Home, shared how she used this same idea for a baby shower she hosted, and my mind has been racing every since.

This is exactly the kind of frugal decorating I love best. Creating elegance for just a few dollars. Oh, the possibilities with this inexpensive grass that has now become my best home decor revolution – Mother’s day, Garden parties, girls’ summer birthday parties with “princess wands” sticking out of the grass, wedding showers, outdoor weddings – there is no end to what the creative juices can stir for just a few dollars.

Isn’t this fun, and to think it all came from just a few wheat seeds. If you have wheat berries, those will work similarly.

It’s SO easy, and you’ll see results in only a few days, or call your local health store that makes smoothies, and ask if they have some wheat grass you can have. Trust me, if you get them today, you’ll have some fun decor by Sunday. 🙂