For those of you who follow me on my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Facebook page, you know that this past Saturday afternoon I decided to do something quite crazy as I announced a spontaneous yard sale in two days,  Tuesday (as in yesterday), at 11:00 am. I invited any one who lived close to prove to me they weren’t a stalker posing as a sweet lady reader,  and I’d send over the directions.
As a professional yard saler myself, I know that I broke every cardinal rule or piece of advice that I have ever given in terms of how to have your own yard sale.
First, you do NOT hold them spontaneously because you have no time to organize, price or set things out in a presentable way.  Second, you NEVER have them on a Tuesday because you cut out a large majority of your audience,  and third, you do NOT have a yard sale without spending time marketing the sale because it is all about the marketing, and not much marketing can be done with a 48 hour notice, especially when you live in the middle of the country.

Never the less, when you are in your attic noting years of procrastination, and the sudden urge hits to just purge (which doesn’t come around these parts that often), then by all means, be crazy and spontaneous, especially, if you look at your schedule and a nearby weekend won’t work, then just do it. I did it, and people came.
People don’t expect department store organization at a yard sale. When planning a yard sale, often we put so much pressure to have it neat and orderly, and while yes, it would be much better for the shopper than this organized chaos, yard sale shoppers are also pickers. They don’t mind picking through a box of books or sorting through clothes just thrown on a blanket when they know that all those clothes are only $1. And even better, they are so gracious because they see your frazzled state, and understand that you were crazy to try and attempt it in only two days.
But one word of advice for these crazy Tuesday yard sales – know full well that after everyone leaves on Tuesday, and you are left with this many items (above), then you may want to extend it through Wed (TODAY), and spend the day figuring out your plan of attack on what you are going to do with all of the left overs. There will be left overs because 1.) you did it spontaneously, 2.) you didn’t market it, and 3.) you have too many things to get rid of in one day. The worst thing would be to bring all this great stuff back inside the house after you’ve separated yourself from the emotional attachment to any of it…even thought it’s GREAT stuff, it’s still stuff.
That is a peek at how I  have taken leave of “life” for the last few days, and what I have been doing. My 30 Day plus 30 day plus 30 day Shred-less Body feels it (anyone want to get started with me again?) All my big man helpers were not available, and I went up and down three flights of stairs with boxes of books, home decor, Pampered Chef, Homemade Gourmet, more books, Frugal Fashionista clothing, scrapbook and rubber stamp supplies, as well as more and more home school books. This was done NO LESS than 40 times. AH…my body was not made for that, and I feel it in every muscle in my body, along with my big toe, but if feels so good to have things cleared out. There’s still a lot more to go, but it’s a step.
So, if anyone wants to come visit me…today…as in now, and help clear out my really good stuff, come on over. 😉 I’m making big deals.
Have any of you ever decided to do a spontaneous yard sale?