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Last weekend, my girls and I bonded over treasure hunting and hit some yard sales. We didn’t find a lot of things, but because they were with me, items were pointed out in a new light.
Smooshed together in a Rubbermaid container was a bunch of plastic marked, “Pool, filter, chemicals – $10.” I didn’t even bat an eye. No way was I going to consider a tiny, used pool from a yard sale that probably had a hole in it, plus we had “no place” to put it. Our field would just be one big mud pool
Empty handed, we walked back to the van a little slower. The girls looked at me and said, “Why not, Mom. We had to quit the pool, and this would be perfect?”
I pondered what was keeping me from this purchase? It wasn’t the money, that wasn’t the problem. If it truly worked, it was a steal.
Due to my husband’s unemployment, for nearly two years we had been saving all the extra “fun money.”  It’s been two summers since we joined a pool (which, in NC, “everyone” beats the heat in the pool), and not once had the girls complained.
I paused. I was convicted. I turned right back around and marched back up that drive way.
Honestly, I think I just didn’t want to deal with the hassle of the mess, the water, the mud being traipsed in, and frankly,  that just wasn’t  a good enough excuse. That’s a lazy mom fall back. There are so many times that I must say, “No,” to our children for big reasons, and have shared that I’m convicted to become a “Yes, Mom” whenever the opportunity arises. Yet sometimes in the easiest of moments, I turn the other way. Why?
free fun in the pool
Well, I am so glad I listened to that still small voice whispering to lighten up, or maybe it was two loud voices squealing….”PLEASE,” but either way, this has been the best $10 I’ve spent in a long time.
This is what summer is all about…the joy and laughter that comes from such a little thing, all embraced with a heart of gratitude.
And to think I almost missed these moments because I didn’t want the mess…
Ideas for summer fun_opt
(I’m on the hunt for another trampoline after this catastrophe, but we took it apart and used the mat as the undercoating for the pool.. :))
What has been your “$10 Fun” lately?
Let’s commit  to opening our eyes this summer to maximize and bring back the FUN!
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