It’s just been one of those weeks.
Please remind me
that the days are long, but the years are short.
Please remind me
that when I am old and gray,
I will miss not having a moment to go to the bathroom in private.
Please remind me
that when the kids are grown,
I will crave washing six baskets of clothes because each little stain whispers a precious story about their day.
Please remind me
a month from now, that I will giggle at the thought of
“Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell down and broke his”…

well…broke her bed right before 18 people were expected for the weekend
(with two of them staying in this broken bed).

Please remind me tomorrow
that this too shall pass….
and next week will bring such joy
(because the 15 EIGHTH graders that are coming for a retreat weekend, will have had a life changing experience).

Oh, and thank you for the reminder…
(that worked for me).

Choosing joy in the little things
reminds me of how truly blessed I am.

I am one grateful Momma…
and just think, I get to experience another day of balancing beauty and bedlam.
And just to emphasis the point, our trampoline collapsed while a bunch of teens were on it, and then, in this SAME week, the bed broke.

Yes, you have to just love “Murphy”, because he’s our middle name…
Murphy’s Law, that is, for those of you saying…”who?”

And for my frugal, thrifting friends…
I found two twin, gorgeous antique beds that I will paint white…it’s the new mattresses and box springs that are killing me.
And no, I will not do an impulse splurge just so my great middle school youth group pastor has a bed to sleep in.
He will get the coziest ever mattress on the floor,
and I’ll maybe even leave him some chocolate to make up for it.
Hope he still loves me after that. 🙂