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Edit to add: I won and soย appreciate your support of my BLT sandwich in the Most Wanted Sandwich Contest. All proceeds will go towards our family’s quest to travel with Compassion International and sponsor a third world village.ย For background info on this contest, read my post.

When it comes it comes to financial matters, I think I’ve shared I am a bit of a geek at heart. When it comes to comparison shopping, I am a lot of a geek at heart. Yet you don’t have to be a geek to notice the rising costs of food prices lately?
Well, I have been doing more than just raising my eye brows at those prices, I have been tracking, researching, planning, and doing a full blown economic synopsis on some challenges we all may face over the next few years when it comes to food prices, (which I’ll share more in another post). ๐Ÿ˜‰
What this slow stockpiling and preparedness planning has got me thinking about has been brands…consumer brands. Last August, I asked what items you typically stockpile. For instance, whatย  items do you keep in your pantry and always have on hand as “go to” items for quick meals. I learned a lot about your shopping habits from those answers, but this is a slightly different question, and one I thought would be really interesting. It’s not just limited to food though.
Are there items in your household that you are very brand specific about using? If you knew that prices were going to sky rocket, would you stock up on any specific branded item just because all the other brands you have tried, don’t cut it?
Last week, I was in a focus group for Freshetta Pizza (one of our favorite pizza brands), and they looked highly at their competitor – also a brand which we purchase, but more because of the price point. It got me thinking about how loyal I am to certain products over price.
I put this question before a friend, with the caveat that she was NOT going to be able to have the option to get certain brands later.
What would she stock up on now?
Her family was very brand loyal to one specific peanut butter and any other would not do. She would have to have that brand.
For me, I definitely would stock up on Starbucks Coffee beans. I don’t splurge much to go out for Starbucks, but I have attempted to enjoyย  many other cheaper brands at home, but now willing pay 2x as much for Starbucks beans so that I may brew a great cup ofย  morning coffee.
So what about you?
If you knew that by this time next year, your favorite products could be discontinued or the price may skyrocket, is there something you would stock up on now?
What would it be? Detergent, deodorant, toilet paper, a specific make up, salad dressing, condiment brand?
Join in and share what you wouldn’t want to be without. I will be fascinated with the results, and maybe we’ll all find a new favorite brand based on tried and true results.