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If you’re here searching for the $2 off Hillshire Farms coupons, go to Go Meat.com, and vote for my BLT sandwich. To understand the story behind my sandwich and how we’ll use it to bless orphaned children, keep reading.

I have a special request of you, my dear readers.

Last month, I had the privilege of visiting the headquarters of Hillshire Farm as a finalist in the “Fresh 15” Most Wanted Sandwich competition.
Leading up to the trip, I spent days creating amazing gourmet hot sandwich recipes to submit, knowing that when my blunt sons insisted these were the “best things they ever tasted,” surely my sandwich would win.
As the food stylist and photographer gathered to style (yes, they style) sandwiches, I was informed it would be submitted as a cold sandwich. WHAT? My Roasted Red Pepper, Grilled Red Onions,Β  Turkey Bacon Havarti Panini was not going to cut it cold, so I did what I do best in the kitchen and adjusted with a delicious, twist to our summer favorite BLT+.
I would be honored if you took take a minute to vote for my BLT sandwich (but it’s so much more than just BLT) at Gomeat.com?

You’ll see the Most Wanted Sandwich Logo on the left side, click on vote now or explore all sandwiches. All the sandwich pictures will appear at the bottom of your screen. Hoover your cursor and scroll to find my title – BLT2 (although people are saying the squared symbol looks like an apostrophe,but that’s still mine). The incentive for you, besides my undying gratitude, is that you will be able to print off two Hillshire Farm Coupons – woot – GO MEAT!Β  Back space, and you’ll receive two more. After the coupons are gone, you may still vote daily through March 15, but I do know that’s asking a lot. πŸ™‚
For me, this competition isn’t about winning a sandwich competition, but much more. In another post, I’ll share our desireΒ  to impact the lives of not only our children, but many others. In summary, my husband and I will use the $5K winning proceeds to travel with our children to a third world country and help sponsor part of a village through Compassion International.
It’s not about a sandwich, it’s about touching the lives of those who can’t even fathom having the capability of a sandwich competition. It’s about feeding them…physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Right now, it’s a dream, but we hope to make it a reality with your help and bless these children with $5K worth of supplies.
Go here to vote, and thank you so very much in advance. Enjoy your Hillshire Farm Coupons.
BLT sandwich