As I wrote my Stockpiling Groceries 101 post yesterday, I shared how there are numerous items that I stock up on throughout the year. I’ve been thinking a lot about the many benefits of stockpiling and preparedness, besides the obvious of saving thousands of dollars, and thought it would be an interesting question to post to you all this Tuesday.
Can I just say that my favorite part of the blog week is reading all your comments on my Tasty Tuesday Parade of Food posts. Last week’s answers to, “What is the Weirdest Thing You’ve ever eaten” was so entertaining to read, and I know that this week’s responses will be interesting and insightful.
This is a two part question.
1.) If you knew there was going to be a period of time when all grocery stores would be closed and you wouldn’t be able to buy anything for a few weeks, what items would you stock up on? What are those few food products that you just “have to have?”
2.) What recipe is your “Go To” meal –  meaning that one meal where at any time, you always have the ingredients on hand to fix in a pinch? I’m really anxious to read this one because I would love to stock pile a few of those ingredients from your creativity.

Simple Rules for Tasty Tuesday Parade of Foods – If you’re joining in with a recipe link, two simple requests. As always,  Please link directly to your recipe post and not your blog URL, so that everyone can find the recipe months from now.
Also, link back here so that everyone can join in the fun. It’s just common courtesy of blog carnivals.
Don’t forget to support your fellow bloggers by checking out some of their amazing recipes…be inspired by others.